Case Study: How Allan Scott Exploded His Fan Base, Doubled His Email List, and Profitably Launched His Album

Allan Scott came on board at IndieX in late February 2019 to help expand his fan base. 

Allan’s primary goal in working with the IndieX team was to simply grow his fan base. To build more awareness, gather more supporters, generate more email subscribers, and create more customers. As a secondary goal, he wanted to excite people for his upcoming album The Story. 

Over the course of 6 months that is exactly what happened.  

Allan followed the steps of the Buddy System top to bottom, and found success. 


We generated over 1 million views, 10k likes, 5k shares, and 1k comments. 

We added 986 new emails to his email list. 

We generated 71 new customers.

We brought in over $2,500 in net revenue from his subscriber growth and sales driven campaigns.

The first step implemented for Allan was to generate awareness. So we struck up a number of Fan Finder campaigns, which are signature listener generation video campaigns that we employ for artists at IndieX.

We created these campaigns around videos for Allan’s singles Bright and Fearless, which garnered over 1 million views, 10k likes, 5k shares, and 1k comments. 

Overall the Fan Finder campaigns that we employed ahead of Allan’s album launch were strong. They generated considerable awareness for Allan. At IndieX, we’ve run countless iterations of these campaigns and generally consider a benchmark cost per 75% video view to be $.10. The cost per 75% view was under this benchmark for all videos, which is fantastic. 

Generating fans is oftentimes the MOST difficult part of being a grassroots musician, and Allan now has several video assets that he can run to generate new fans reliably in the future. 

Once Allan had awareness, we needed to capitalize on this by pulling these individuals into his email list. For Allan’s purposes, we constructed an offer that shared early access to music and behind the scenes extras for his unreleased album. 

These campaigns targeted Allan’s existing audiences, including Facebook Page and Instagram engagement custom audiences, Video Viewers, Email Subscribers, and Website Traffic and

resulted in 986 new emails from real, engaged fans with a cost per conversion of $0.74 per new email subscriber!

Allan can continue to run these retargeting ads in the future to generate more warm audience sign ups.

Once Allan had generated awareness and collected emails, the final step was to turn the email subscribers into customers. 

Using a dedicated offer made to fans in email marketing campaigns and additional Facebook Ad campaigns, for a signed copy of his album with additional bonus items, Allan generated over 71 new customers and $2,500 in revenue. 

These new customers will provide a foundation of support for Allan in the future.