Case Study: How Sabrina Francis Grew Her Fan Base and Subscriber List

Sabrina Francis had been working with IndieX for a few months to create a warm audience of new, engaged listeners. 

Her goal was to tap into this newly created audience and grow her email subscriber list. 

So, our team worked with the Sabrina Francis team to aggregate 8 performance videos from past tours and create mini-documentaries with new commentary on each performance.

We strategically created a “Virtual World Tour” experience with videos that took place in a different city from across the world, from the Caribbean to France. We offered access to this video series for free simply by signing up for our list.

We then created multiple Facebook Ad campaigns to test and run in tandem, utilizing the Conversion and Messenger objectives to get leads, having fans opt-in through a landing page, or by interacting with a chatbot (a virtual “Sabrina”) that would gather their email address and automate it over to her email marketing platform, Drip.


Between these two campaigns, we generated over 800 email and messenger leads across a 2 month effort.