Case Study: How We Capitalized On Viral Growth With Small Town Titans

In November 2018, Pennsylvania based rock band Small Town Titans utilized our flagship awareness building Facebook Ad campaign to massive success. The band immediately saw their music video for “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch” go rapidly viral within a matter of days, racking up millions of views and hundreds of thousands of new fans.

From that moment, the IndieX team began to work with the Small Town Titans team to capitalize on the virality of the video to turn those new listens into actual fans and customers that would catapult the band into career success.

Our process for monetizing the band’s newfound fan base looked to mainstay digital marketing and ecommerce practices.

We maintained a Free + Shipping & Handling offer to the band’s warm audience for over 4 months to convert new listeners into first time customers while preparing other sales funnel assets and ideating on offers to include in their online store.

The band did not take their foot off the gas and continued to release music on a regular basis to engage their fans, along with new video content, livestreams, and a podcast. They toured regularly throughout the US in 2019, where we employed Facebook Ad campaigns and targeted email marketing campaigns to get fans out to the rock show, filling small and mid-cap rooms consistently.

While consistently growing the bands email list through exclusive content offerings, we continued to execute a series of sales promotions including a special anniversary edition of their album Reflection, exclusive limited edition merch every month, and holiday themed items to solidify the brand presence of the band with their fans, the Titan Army.


Small Town Titans e-commerce revenue has doubled year over year, with new and returning customers consistently seeking the next offer the band creates.

Alongside their Shopify store, we worked closely with the band to transition from Patreon to a dedicated Titan Army membership site built into their WordPress site. Previously, the band was using Patreon on a per content monetization basis. 

Hoping to create a new recurring revenue stream for the band, we put together a carefully planned strategy of membership tiers for the Titan Army member site, complete with exclusive content, merch, discounts, a subscription mystery box, and more. 

Since launching the Titan Army membership site on Black Friday 2019, the community has grown to hundreds of supporters and a stable source of revenue for the band.

In late 2020, Small Town Titans released a full length album entitled “The Ride”. Through a combination of multiple Facebook Ads campaigns geared towards sales, Fan Finder video campaigns for the lead singles, email marketing, and traffic campaigns to DSPs, the album has over 1 million streams on Spotify, over 1200 copies sold direct to consumer through Shopify, and has received critical acclaim in Active Rock press since the release in November 2020.