How To Kill The Bots

There are a lot of herbs (see: jabronis, jerks, poop-mouths) out there selling courses on how to pollute your Facebook Page with bot traffic from Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, many of our Indies have fallen victim to these predatory misinformation factories - often racking up nearly 10,000 fake "bot" or "click-farm" likes to their page.

This unfortunate practice has many nasty side effects. Getting a lot of fake likes makes it nearly impossible to reach your real fans with organic social posting. And, they make it very difficult to use the valuable data you will earn by marketing your music the right way.

Fortunately, in this lesson you will learn how to exclude profiles in all of the known "click-farm" countries from seeing your page. If you have fallen victim to the 10,000 likes in 5 minutes strategy, this will take care of most of the side effects. And, if you haven't, this will ensure that your organic reach is safe from any potential bots in the future.

Lesson Objectives

  • Understanding "click farms", "fake likes", and their effects
  • Protecting your page from "click farm" bot traffic
  • Excluding click farm countries from your Page's reach