Case Study: How We Doubled Dave Pettigrew’s Monthly Membership Revenue

In late 2019, longtime IndieX client Dave Pettigrew began to work with our team to further develop his fan membership offering, JoinDavesBand.

Up to this point, JoinDavesBand was hosted on Patreon with fans supporting him at various tiers of commitment. Our team was tasked with working with Dave to restructure the tiers of JoinDavesBand to incentivize fans not only to sign up but also to ascend from lower dollar monthly pledges to higher ticket recurring support.

We first identified what fans enjoyed most about the membership benefits and doubled down with exclusive merch offerings, discounts, live events, and digital products to overhaul all of the tiers.

From there, we built a new platform to house Dave’s membership within his WordPress website, with a dedicated sales page, member area, interactive content pages, and sections for fans to download his music and interact with each other. All of these tasks were focused on the goal of creating an online community experience for his fans that would keep them engaged and retained in JoinDavesBand.

We launched the new JoinDavesBand membership site in January 2020 and over the course of the year ran a number of campaigns to drive interest in membership.

We worked closely with Dave to develop Facebook Ad and email marketing campaigns to turn fans into customers through his music and merch offers and then introduce everything inside JoinDavesBand to them over time. 

By January 2021, a full year later, JoinDavesBand membership had doubled in size and 100% revenue growth. New supporters are joining the community after consuming Dave’s music and getting involved in his brand of Christian music ministry, through a variety of sales offerings including a weekly recurring worship livestream, a Free + Shipping & Handling sales funnel, regular sales promotions for new music, and free content that is sent to his list of email subscribers.