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GROUND REPORTS: Improve Sales and Nurture Fans with Merch Surveys w/ Jesse Gillenwalters 
Published on December 29th, 2021


Making your first offer to your fanbase is a bit like shooting in the dark, regardless of if your audience is big before doing so. Knowing what merch to make for your fans is a Catch 22. 

If you’ve yet to make a sale, how do you know what will sell? The answer is more obvious than you think - ASK YOUR FANS!

In this Ground Report, IndieFounder coach and IndieX account manager Jesse Gillenwalters shows you how to create a survey for your fans that can give you certainty on what merch to make while also getting fans hyped for the eventual drop.

It’s a simple approach that can give you clarity and confidence while moving into your first merch offer, and the benefits extend past simply making some sales.