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GROUND REPORTS:Never Wonder What to send to your email list again!

Published on March 30th, 2022

ON THIS EDITION OF GROUND REPORTS: Never Wonder what to send to your email list again!

Never Wonder What to Send To Your Email List AgainYour email list can act as the central core for your music business’ revenue and engagement…

IF you’re taking care of it correctly!

Part of maintaining a high-conversion email list is keeping in close contact with your subscribers at a frequency that keeps up the pace and connection…but how can you do this without feeling overbearing, spammy, or like you’re just reaching for things to say?

In this Ground Report, IndieFounder coach, IndieX account manager, and IndiePRO contributor Jesse Gillenwalters gives a rundown on how to write a generic nurturing email while providing tons of topics and examples for them so you’ll never have to wonder ‘what to send’ again!