INDIESLIVE! w/ IndieX Specialist Jesse Gillenwalters



2:16 Ian Goldberg-

Just a quick question about Thrive Cart. Professional for $690 or the regular version $450? Also considering using their new "Learn" functionality for selling online courses for production/recording tips. Do you think this is worth pursuing or is this something better suited for recurring content free to build my youtube channel? Or maybe some combination of both a paid in depth version with an edited trimmed down version on youtube? any thoughts?

10:27 Corey Lewin-

Hey Jesse! I just kicked off a 5-week intro/education campaign around my new EP on IG. Doing one song per week, 2 video clips per song (an "in studio" type clip and an acoustic clip with lyrics). So 10 clips total over 5 weeks.

Because I'm rolling these out sequentially and not all at once, I'm unsure of the best way to test the vids for the new songs as I drop them. Circa said he did something similar and set it up as a CBO campaign where he created a separate ad set for each new song he dropped and the ads in each set were all clips associated with that song. But I've often seen new ads struggle to compete with existing ads so I worry about the first songs dominating just because they've been running the longest.

So which of these options do you think is best?

1) CBO campaign with all songs and clips under one budget (Circa method)

2) Give each SONG it's own ad set/budget and put the 2 clips as competing ads within the set3) Give each CLIP it's own set/budget and just keep swapping out the low performers with the new ones4) Something else?AHH, help plz! Thanks!!