INDIESLIVE! w/ IndieX Agency Lead Jack McCarthy

 Published on 11/10/2021


3:12- Joseph

Just wondering how to get the most out of my website if I don't have merch to sell yet! Also just curious if it even looks good/professional.

15:57- Mehdi Cayenne

Hi Jack,I've listened to your voice on Creative Juice so much and you & crew are so SO helpful - much love. I am doing this tour which I named #AcadieBatata (contraction of Acadie ie New-Brunswick Canada & Batata based off latest album's name); updated website is here ( I've also been creating this bribe whereby if ppl use #AcadieBatata on IG or FB, I will send them a thank you note+password (which is "pomme") to this private website: where they can discover new unpublished tune, and have the chance to win signed CD if they sign up thru form.In keeping with your teachings, completing the sign-up form triggers an automated email response with contains additional goodies, ie 20% off bandcamp store for 2 months + private link to unreleased video performance + song. My automation so far is zero (leaving on tour tomorrow so it's a rush), but these are the basic ideas. As I feel lots of this is inspired by your teachings (hehe), would love your feedback. Thank you brother, all the best, keep on keepin' on!

25:26- Corey Lewin

Sup Jack? I had an idea a while back and would love to get your thoughts. As we know, the cost of int'l shipping has been somewhat of an obstacle for Indies with a lot of fans overseas. So I was thinking…what if you set it up so when fans visit your store page on your website there's a "Domestic" button and an "International" button. Domestic leads to your store/Shopify page where you handle the fulfillment and International leads to a print-on-demand store (Printful, Teespring, etc.). I know P.O.D. is not ideal for a number of reasons, but this seems like a way to at least make SOME of your merch available in a way that is more affordable for your int'l fans who want to rep you. Obviously you're sacrificing some of the personal touches and margins you get with your domestic/self-fulfillment store, but at least you're giving the int'l folks some options. Just spitballing. Curious to hear what you think! Thanks!

34:20- Haley Dreis

Hey Jack! I just finished filming a new fan finder video and would love your input / suggestions for ideas of headlines I can test. Here is a link to the video: Quick context, this is a performance of a song I released most recently called "20/20" and I decided to do one of those acapella style versions playing & singing over violin and viola that i'm calling a 'string thing' version. Thanks for your help!