INDIESLIVE! w/ Kyle "Circa" Lemaire

Published on: 11/18/21


2:00 Haley

Hey! Have you tried any of the IG reel direct to Spotify/Insta ads for your own music? I watched the ground report with Ed, Jesse & Jack and looks like they're getting awesome results. Curious if you have any thoughts and results from your experience. Thanks!

13:18 Al Gilliom

Thanks for taking time to help musicians out! I recently transitioned my website from SquareSpace to WordPress. I'd appreciate feedback on my website, design/layout and how to better utilize my

24:19 Ian

I am setting up a black friday funnel for a preorder for vinyl of my album (it should arrive in January). The album is a picture disc, which is a huge bucket list item for me and pretty bad ass, my one click upsell is a homemade hot sauce themed after the album (my audience knows i cook), my OTO is an exclusive T-shirt made specifically for this offer. I have 3 other older vinyl releases (2 albums and 1 instrumental 7" EP) and I am trying to ideate a way to work them into the funnel that makes sense. I am using woocommerce/woofunnels if that makes a difference. so my question is #1. how would you suggest i work the older vinyl releases into the funnel? where in the funnel should the offer be (before or after the t-shirt?). #2. I am having trouble with the copy for the offer page. I have a number of points i think i should touch - like that its a picture disc and how cool that is, the hot sauce, exclusive t shirt, old vinyl release bundle, etc. All of this will be covered in the video im recording for the page, so i was wondering if i should keep the copy short and just point people to check the video for details? Or should I include all the pertinent info in both the copy and the video. Sorry for the long winded question.... and as if that novel wasnt enough, one more question: #3 i have a few really good press quotes praising the album, is it worth using those quotes in the video? on the page somehow? or should that sort of thing live in the email about the offer. PS, im typing this the day before the livestream, im hoping to have a link to the page for critique by the time you go live

32:00 Peter

I'm a bit confused because the numbers that are told in the fan finder videos and in the targeting cheatsheet differ. Would be nice if the Indepreneur people updated the cheatsheet or the video if it is wrong. It says:'- 1-2 large (20+ million) audiences based off 1 interest (i.e. genre)- 1-3 medium (10-20 million) audiences based off 1-3 interests(i.e. genre, style, large artists) - 3-10 small/medium (1-20 million) audiences based off oftargeting workbook groups 'The last one is explained differently in the video: 14-20 small/medium (1-3 million) audiences.

39:25 Tim Brandt

I’m going through the Fan Finder training. My music genre is folk rock/americana. What are your thoughts of using genre based targeting such as folk rock, folk music, americana music, etc, instead of specific artists such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young etc.? In the Building Your Targeting List video it was a little unclear (both had good arguments). I like the idea of selecting a wide net & having Facebook determine who to deliver my ads to.

42:00 Hermes

I've only been running fan finders and I'm pretty new to the marketing process. No offers and nothing for sale yet, just education ads. when's the right time / stage to set up a FB pixel. Should I put it on my linktree ?

45:00 Maria Gronlund

Hi Jack! Would you give me some feedback on this opt-in landing page? Best! /Maria