INDIESLIVE! w/ Shae Langford

Originally Published: October 20th, 2021


2:30: Jim Scott

I did the video promotion, got 12,000 views on Youtube. I would have expected there would be a few subscriptions, but it didn't translate into any more subscribers. I'm disappointed. I guess there could have been an invitation to subscribe in the video. Any other suggestions?

13:24: Corey Lewin

Shae! Your old IndieFounder disciple Corey here. I'm running this crazy 5+ week intro/education funnel on IG based around my new EP and have a question.

Basically I'm posting new videos each week and running cold traffic to them, but also retargeting the Thruplays from the previous weeks' videos to make sure those people see the new ones too.

My Thruplay audience is currently around 1800, but continually growing because of the ongoing cold traffic. I'm retargeting with a Reach campaign but wondering if I should switch to Engagement when the audience reaches a certain size. If so, how big should it be before I switch to Engagement? Thanks!!

16:26: Ania

Hey there! I’m loving the new F+SH training and can’t wait for more videos!:)

 I was wondering if anyone has any experience with connecting Thrivecart & Shopify via Zapier? I have them both + Drip, and I know Drip recommends having only one e-commerce platform integrated (even though it’s possible to have them both separately, it could potentially cause errors).

I know previously Thrivecart was able to send orders through Shopify via a native integration, until Shopify took away that option. If anyone on the team is using Zapier to work around that, it would be awesome to learn how they do it!:)

Otherwise I’m very curious to hear your recommendation. Thanks for all the great info you guys put out there!

13:24: ShySpeaks

Question, with regard to running a Fan Finder to 14 audience, can you show me a for sure way in how not to duplicate the ad.