INDIESLIVE! w/ IndieX Specialist Jesse Gillenwalters



4:50 Aaron Clift:

My band is based in the United States, but a large number of our fans and CD sales are coming from Europe. The biggest hurdle to selling there has been the very high cost of shipping merchandise, which often ends up doubling the price of our albums for our European customers. Do you have a recommendation for merchandise distribution from the United States to Europe that can solve the shipping cost issue?

15:19 Noe Venable:

This past week, I ventured into upsells for the first time. FYI, my complete tech stack is Shopify + Drip + Leadpages + WordPress website with Elegant Themes. I started with a free app for upsells, (UFE cross Sell and Upsell Bundle). I was loving my chosen app until I discovered that it doesn't let me add shipping for cross sells. Can you educate me a little more on cross sells / upsells? Is it just a thing that people don't expect to pay additional shipping when adding an additional product to an existing order? Or should I be investing in a more sophisticated app that does have this feature? What do you do? Do you charge additional shipping for add on orders? And if not, how does that work out for you for international sales? This is for a Free + S &H offer that will be seen by my UK and European following as well as US. (I'm in the USA). So I need to be careful about that additional international shipping not eating up all profit. Thanks Corrin!

30:28 EN Young:

Hi Corrin! E.N here with a question about viewed content retargeting ads. First off thank you for your time and all your teachings!
Can you elaborate on FB ads for retargeting viewed products in Shopify? I recently enabled my DRIP to populate a custom audience of people who viewed products in Shopify. I also enabled my Facebook in Shopify and I see that Shopify can run the ads and custom audience also.
Is there a way to populate the viewed product custom audience from drip and then run ad from Shopify? I might be overthinking this and just need a bit of clarity. Thanks!

41:00 Jay Garrigan:

Apologies in advance if this is old news... after going through the Spotify Field Guide Trainng, I noticed that DistroKid's "HyperFollow" page now has Pixel and Google tracking for some cool custom event tracking! Plus... it captures their email address, and we can receive those a day or two after the song goes live. I was thinking of putting a video on the Hyperfollow page that explains that if they save the song in advance, they also opt-in to a wonderful, free 12-day album release event (UAL evergreen). I can't see a downside to this, as the pixel integration and email capture makes me think that I don't need the brief redirect page on my website that captures their pixel info before sending them to my song on Spotify. AND... I can retarget them with direct emails, ads, etc. What's your take on this new Pixel/DistroKid Hyperfollow integration? Thanks!

48:55 Alasdair MacKenzie:

Hi Corrin, hope you're doing well. What do you think a good weekly social media posting/storying schedule looks like for an indie artist? My best guess so far is...
- 1 short clip of that week's episode of recurring content, augmented by green light warmth boosting (IG, FB, Twitter)
- Daily stories about whatever's going on in my life/work (IG, FB)
- A few tweets each week, similar vibe to the FB/IG stories (Twitter)

Is that enough? If not, what other types of content would you recommend putting in posts/stories, and how often should it happen? If there are any trainings or ground reports that focus on this, I'd love to know about them. Many thanks.

54:40 Corey Lewin:

Hey Jesse! Me again. Looking for some advice regarding my FF and follow-up steps.

I'm running a lyric video (I know it's not recommended but it tested very well for me) that's getting .20-.30 per 75% view for US-only, though not a ton of reactions and basically no comments so far.

Should I be concerned about the lack of engagement despite the large number of deeper views?

I plan to retarget these 75% viewers with some light education ads (ex. carousel with links to music, videos, more) as well as GLW boosts on my posts. Is there more I should be doing to bring them into my ecosystem after they watch the FF? Thanks!!!

57:30 Ian Goldberg:

Hey Jesse... GLW questions if its not too late 😬

1. i plan on running GLW on my weekly content - how long should I run the boost? does overlap of 2 different boosts matter (outside of the extra cost)? Or should I just boost for a week turn it off and then boost the next post? Or is it better to be more selective about which posts get the boost, like maybe only boost posts that seem to be getting some engagement organically maybe meaning the creative is "better"

2. Is there any downside to GLW boosting older posts? Like a post that is 6 months old but still relevant for education/nurturing?