INDIESLIVE! w/ IndieX Agency Lead Jack McCarthy

 Published on 3/3/2021


10:30 Pravin Thompson:

Hey Jack! I've recently been running two different retargetting videos.
One BTS the other is another live performance.
I'd love to hear your feedback on the BTS video, especiall the AD copy. I've refrained from adding any sort of call to action, just to keep it educational.
2nd performance-

Another question is whether running these two videos will fatigue my audience and what metrics should I be checking out. Should I be worried about the frequency getting too high?

My warm audience is as followed:
IG engagement- 3,600
FB Engagement- 7,000
75% video views- 3,600 (my music is generally super long 6-9 minute range so I'm assuming these are super warm peeps.)

Should I be worried about fatiguing this audience. I'm running these ads at $2 a day each video.
Won't be able to attend when this is live but super excited to hear your feedback! Thanks again!!


22:15 Troy Tittley:

Hi Jack, I've got an EP dropping in just over 2 weeks, and I'm offering it early as a bribe to my warm audience. I used the same landing page that worked for my email list/ facebook group, but as a landing page for an ad, it hasn't had the same level of success. I've got 136 link click throughs but that's translated to 3 sales. What would you change? Thanks for the help

And if it helps, here's the ad for reference, cheers


31:50 Tj Cople:

Hey Jack! I would love to hear any brainstorming or tips you have when it comes to an offer I am building.

The offer is: Pay what you want Live stream experience of an album we already ran a UAL for (think of it as a concert with Live commentary) -- the upsell is an invite to the "green room" a live q&a where they can actually join the live stream with the band as a guest to ask their question.

is it a good offer? How should I set the price for the upsell? Shuld I change anything?

Would love feedback or ideas on how to make this a more successful promotion.

My main goal for this promotion is to move people to the next stage of the buddy system (subscribers to customers & acsend exsisting customers)

Hope all of that makes sense haha


39:55 Chris Moseman:

Hi Jack, is it okay for data, and for "getting the ball rolling" to start with a sub-optimal FF video and do a better one later? We really need some productivity in our band for morale, it's a priority. I know this one has cuts, etc, isnt ideal.


44:25 Chris Everson:

Hey Jack! This is an opt-inn campaign I am doing for my first client, a band called Marfire. It is my and our first email opt-in and it is not going well thus far. It may end being that I have not warmed up our audience enough yet, but I’d like to get some insight before starting in on methods to address that.

So far I’ve run the campaign in two stages, making changes in between to the ad copy and landing page. I know there are improvements to make to the landing page, such as a second opt-in button and some further text/design work (I’m currently having difficulty with the pop-up button on Mailerlite, but I’ll get there). But before I invest more time in those changes I wanted to get an idea if that was my main problem or if it was something else.
Thanks for the help and all you guys do!

The ad:
The landing page:

Snapshots of results:
Phase 1 (10 days) - 106 landing page views at .87/per, high freq of 5.48, .43 CPC, and CTR %’s of 1.6 and 3
Phase 2 (5 days) – 31 landing page views at 1.29/per, freq ~3, .60 cpc, ctr 5's of 1.58 and 2.72
So far we’ve had a sign up rate (adjusted to subtract our testing and isolating close friends and family signups) of about 12.7%.


54:30 Shelly Page:

Hello Jack! I'm new so haven't been through many of the trainings so pardon me if this is too basic a question, but at this point I have on my IG and Facebook links to my website if they want to listen to my music. I used to have them go strgaight to my "Listen Here" page which I was using as a landing page, but recently switched it so that they would be directed to the home page, and have a "Listen" button there. I was wondering if you think this is too many step for people to click and if you think I should just send them straight to a more simple landing page? Thanks for your time! Heres my website:


28:25 Zach Klein:

Hey Jack!
I made a post last week in the group and you gave me a lot of great tips on why my permission offer may not be converting. It’s an exclusive EP called ‘Vibe’ as you may remember. I made a bunch of changes you suggested to my landing page

This is the ad I’ve been using as my permission offer ad to go to that landing page

Is there anything that you can tell from my ad or my landing page that may not be clear or working at this point? Maybe there’s another way to promote this permission offer with a different type of ad or post to reach out to people on my IG or Facebook with a different approach?



1:05:18 McKay Belk:

My music business is 2-pronged: Me as an artist (new) and me as a session musician/mix engineer/producer. Do what degree do I need to separate the two from a social media marketing perspective? The second prong is already a decently oiled machine, and most ppl know me as a pedal steel guitarist/multi-inst/engineer/producer. I’m releasing my first single as an artist, also as Hamilton Belk. I’m hoping both pursuits will feed each other, but I know I have two slightly different target audiences; fans vs clients.