INDIESLIVE! w/ Kyle "Circa" Lemaire

Published on: 4/21/21


Time Stamps:

2:20 Philip Pip Kummel:

can you speak about the effect on Fanfinder that the

changes on Facebook Interests will have?

5:45 Greg Freeman:

I've been on indieslive the past few weeks just getting advice about the FSH offer I've been doing.

I have two FFs running to 75% LAL . I have this offer out there but no traffic running to it. Just in my email signature. I have two ManyChat comment tools: one on each fan finder. They both lead to a secret video.

But what do I do next to move me closer to just doing this full time? Do I need to start again with another FF or move toward album launch?

11:00 Corey Lewin:

Hey Circa- new to Indiepro and loving it so far. As I understand it, the FF training advocates for running 1 FF video per campaign. However in my previous ad endeavors, I've always seemed to get better results when running multiple ads against each other in the same set and letting them compete. Is there any reason not to try running 3-5 different FF videos in the same set and letting FB decide the winner? Thanks!

15:35 Gabriele Aprile:

Hi Circa! Just wanna say thank you, because I love Indepreneur, you're doing a great job at changing the artists mindset 🙂

If you could say your take about this "bug" that prevents to create custom audiences from the video we promote with the fan finder I would really appreciate it... maybe you found a workaround while we wait for the bug to be fixed 🙂

Thanks a lot!

20:05 Ashley Vannoy:

Hi Circa - I'm considering using direct to spotify ads to grow a genre specific playlist (ambient/meditation music). I saw in a post in the group somewhere that you have seen cost per follower as low as $0.16 but the post was kind of old - do you know if this is still the case? Any idea on where a middle of the road cost per playlist follower might fall? Just generally trying to run some conservative numbers to determine the best approach to grow a long term asset.

22:45 Dusti Miles:

Hi there! Looking for advice on things a new artist can do while working on recording the tracks properly. As of now I've got a handful of decent demos.

25:52 Mitchell Lawler:

Do you recommend building a custom land page for direct-to-spotify ads? I have a URL genius link directing them but I'm at $1.9 CAD per follower with what I think is my best creative yet... based off of my latest music video. Any pro tips for these kinds of strats?

29:45 Aj Buckley:

In your opinion, what’s a decent process for hunting down decent, less spammy hashtags for more “organic” growth on FB/IG?

32:15 Shai Pelled:

Seems like FB is constantly pushing FF budget towards an older audience. How would you recommend to even out the distribution without driving the price insanley up when needed?


35:55 Mitchell Lawler:

What do you think is a sustainable price of 75% VVs for a FF? I get that everyone is different and each audiecne we react differently to offers later but got a ball park for cost per 75% VV?

In regards to having fan finders running all the time - mine have been climbing up from 0.20 per 75% VV up to almost .27 on my winning LAL