INDIESLIVE! w/ Shae Langford

Originally Published: April 7th, 2021


4:00 Alexandre Vladimir Popravko: 

Hey Shae!

I'm about to launch a new single, and used the framework from the newly revised "Launch Campaign" training in creating it. Been running opt-in ads to my warm audience (1-year FB/IG page engagement as well as 50-75% video views from recent months) for around a week, and though I've acquired a few new leads, I'd love some insight as to any potential optimizations I might make to either my opt-in ad, or the landing page itself.

Opt-In Ad:

Landing Page:

Thank you most kindly!

20:20 Keith McMurray:

Hello Shae,
Hope you're well. I'd be grateful for your thoughts on this here landing page:

Feel free to be as honest as you like.

Thanks in advance,

24:44 Greg Freeman:

Here's my FF

Here's my FSH offer

The FF is just the first song from the DVD/CD. No call to action on the FF.

Can you look at the copy and make sure nothing is turning people away. However I basically swiped from Jack and Jesse's trainings.

Also my FF is getting around 1.3 frequency on each adset of interest targeting. $20/day. Should I scale back or do I keep it going to get the 75% LAL audience?

36:00 Christian Hyun:

I'm testing videos for my first FF, and I haven't been able to get below $0.60 per 75% view. I'm running for $5/day, with a general audience built from several saved audiences I created, which was recommended for testing in the FF training. I made a paper forest to make things look more interesting. I haven't tested copy yet.

Curious if anything jumps out as a problem.

I'm praying I'll be online to watch this, but I have someone coming over for a recording a session and I'll have to log off for that.