INDIESLIVE! w/ Kyle "Circa" Lemaire

Published on: 6/16/21


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2:07 Deven MickeyYoung Bridges:

I'm wondering if it would be smart to run 2 different permission bribes at or around the same time based on where I'm at in my career and with what I plan to build out next...

Okay, so last week (6/9) Shae brought up a really good point in response to a permission campaign idea I had brought up during INDIESLIVE.

Since I'm a new artist by Buddy System standards, fresh off of the FFM, I know my focus needs to be on education & content creation/engagment so my tribe will be primed for an opt-in offer. I'm split between starting Content Blueprint and How to Turn Listeners into Real Fans. I'm looking to launch the aforementioned permission campaign to a tiny group of current subscribers around late August/early September along with the rest of my warm audience after I relaunch my 1st FF.

Shae's point was that the goal is to have multiple bribes floating around at the same time, and that I'm going to want to talk to different segments of my warm audience differently.
Given that point, the bribe I mentioned to her last week could be a big ask of time and attention for people who are still going through the Education stage with me, and maybe having a lighter bribe for my new fans is wise.

Here's my original permission idea:
a soft album launch/listening party in the form of a 3-4 day virtual retreat which you can get tickets to in exchange for an email, during which I'll bring them into the world of my project, unveil the music, sell merch, get pre-orders, & build hype for the hard release of this project later down the road...

Should I have a much lighter offer happening at the same time? For example, access to the project's first single in exchange for an email address. Or is it too ambitious given what else I plan to build? Do you forsee any downsides to building two different campaigns at once? I already plan to have a passive permission bribe running in the background -- subscribe to submit questions for a monthly Q&A livestream.

Also. Which would you say is most crucial to our education stage growth? Content Blitz Blueprint or How to Turn Listeners into Real Fans? I'm trying to decide which training i'm going to lean into so I'm not taking too many trainings at once... lol I asked a similar question on YT

7:40 John Anagnos:

Hey guys, could you please send the link to Oconell media?

10:40 Jay Garrigan:

Hi Kyle. Do you have a recomendation on accounting software to use? Per you training, I have a few zaps going to excel sheets for sales, but between Trivecart, Shopify, Stripe, Paypal, "Payments held in reserve", taxes, shipping, etc. - I'm at the point where I need more structure/organization. Do you have any recomendations on tools to help organize the accounting, or a wiz-bang-awesome spreadsheet to share? 🙂 Thaks so much!

12:28 Rollie White:

What website platform and email service do you recommend?

16:00 Brad Machry:

Circa - with the new pages it's getting harder to find things like "invite post likes to pages" and "publish ad to page" - I thought I had found the way late last night, but the ad is still not published to page even though I clicked the button a few times... have you found the proper way to do this now?