INDIESLIVE! w/ IndieX Agency Lead Jack McCarthy

 Published on 7/21/2021


12:00 Greg Owens:

Getting ready to start a new bribe. Would you mind checking out my video that will be run as an ad (tested against a photo) and also be on my landing page?, if you have time, here's my landing page for critique:

31:13 Tj Cople:

Hey Jack! I would love your thoughts on my I-Series/ how its converting. I have only send a handful of people through this particular one. Here are the stats for this YTD:

70 people have recieved the last email in a 6 day I series (very much like Ultimate Album Launch with content, pages, etc.)

45% open that last email which is a FSH
12% click
and the cart convertion for a FSH has been 15.3%
avg cart value of $5 - which means most people take the bump

Also I should mention there is a follow up for people that don't take the offer - so some of those convertions may be from that.

Any advice on this? Shorten the I Series? Do a different offer than a FSH?