INDIESLIVE! w/ IndieX Agency Lead Jack McCarthy

 Published on 9/16/2021


11:12- John Edward Ross

Would love your thoughts on straight to Spotify ads in FB and IG, and on our attempt at this. Using your Spotify Field Guide training we recently tried a group of these ads. The "Listen Now" button on the ad sent people to a hidden landing page on our website with a "Listen on Spotify button."

We placed a FB pixel custom conversion on that button so that we could track clicks on that button from the ad. We are seeing costs like this: CPM = $11.37 (our FF and Nurturing ads are usually between $2-5); 75% views are $0.42; CPC $0,41; cost per conversion is $1.74.

This seems really expensive. We used dynamic content in the ad.Here is the ad copy we used (highlighted in purple): is the video we used:

We never saw much an increase in Spotify streams as we ran this ad.

19:23- Corey Lewin

Hey Jack! Just the guy I was looking for...after last week's pod I have some questions re Reels in general and as they pertain to ads/recurring content:1)

I’ve noticed Reels I've posted don’t show up as a selectable "existing post" in ads manager (even if they’ve been shared to my Feed).

I wanted to plan a recurring content around Reels, but if I can't GLW them to my warm audience each week, that seems like a fatal flaw.

2) Also, it seems like my Reels get very poor reach/engagement amongst my existing followers. Is it possible they're more intended for reaching new people and Feed posts are better for reaching existing followers?

3) All that said, for a recurring content strategy do you think it might be better to post a video to Reels to organically reach new people and then SEPARATELY upload the same content as a Feed post to reach your existing followers and use in GLW Boosts to warm audience? Thanks!!!

26:14- Daragh

Hi Jack! Thanks so much for reading. So I'm having a real nightmare trying to get my first Fan Finder performing at a reasonable price. I watched the training three times and taken notes.The first iteration, after headline test, was coming in at about €0.30 / 75% for the best audience.

 I posted that on IndiePro and ANDE suggested that I

1) cut down the intro (it was 40 seconds until vocals)

2) try to find a better headline.

Problem is, I've done all that, and have been running the new version for about 8 days now, with just the three top audiences, but it's still about €0.27 per click. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Will tune in to the live stream tomorrow to see if you have any thoughts.

I've spent about €300 so far for about 1000 75% views and am very tempted to just give up on it.Fan Finder: Manager: I've hosted my own screenshot lol)Thanks dude!

Absolutely loving the podcast. Missing hearing the banter with you and Corrin a little bit, but I think you and Ed make really good hosts too!!


37:45- Mickey Young

I'm trying to test out IG Reel ads after watching the Reels podcast episode and getting some fire ideas from Shae.

How do you point the reel back to your profile page so it says "Visit Profile"?

I can only see space for a website link/URL ... I rather not make them leave the app. I thought to just put the link to my IG in the URL. But idk if that's what you guys did to point people back to the IG profile page.