INDIESLIVE! w/ Shae Langford

Originally Published: September 15th, 2021


2:27 Mickey Young:

 Hey Shae,

It’s Mickey here. Started a new series on Instagram using their Reels & the Remix feature. It’s a series called Reel Freestyles that I’m doing since my Mickey Mondays livestreams sorta slowed down.

Was wondering if you could lay eyes on one here:

Or here:

Maybe flip through and see a few so you can give me advice on the copy I’m using. Don’t rly have a strategy. I just threw it together MVP style to see what would stick. Now I need to figure out how to make these more effect and work as a part of a funnel.I’m still piecing the very beginnings on my buddy system funnel together, so much work to do, but do you think this counts as quality recurring content to educate and nurture ppl with? How might I enhance this further you think?I’m hoping I’ll get access to the Promote Reels feature soon so I can put some money behind this series to increase its reach.