INDIESLIVE UK! w/ Ande Hunter

Originally Published: January 19th, 2022


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5:33- Sin

Hey there ! Hope you are well. I have a really quick two part question: 1. I have an Instagram @SinSpokenWord ; and I ended up with a story highlight section of just different places I have gone to get great food. On the one hand I feel this shows my personality, but on the other it doesn't feel very professional artist-y if that makes sense. Second , I co host a weekly open mic that's gone virtual due to covid @dockopenmic. when we go back to in person they want to know if I'd keep it going online as well. I think it would fit well as my recurring content part of the buddy system but it does not live on my page and im not exactly the focus most of the time. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again

11:08 Keith McMurray

Hello Ande,Hope your new year's been good so far. I'm going to be playing my fist gig since pre-pandemic days in April. It's nothing major, just a support slot for a local band in a 120 cap venue here in Brighton but I was toying with the idea of experimenting with some Facebook ads for it and was wondering if you had any nuggets of advice on how (or if?) you might go about doing it for such a single small event.(I'm still yet to go through the 'Preparing For Tours & Shows' training yet so apologies in advance if everything I'd ever need to know is already in there)Cheers!Keith