INDIESLIVE UK! w/ Ande Hunter

Originally Published: November 11th, 2021


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11:20 Peter

In the Facebook Targeting Cheatsheet it is recommended to use interest-based audiences with certain sizes:1-2 large (20+ million) audiences based off 1 interest (i.e. genre)1-3 medium (10-20 million) audiences based off 1-3 interests (i.e. genre, style, large artists)3-10 small/medium (1-20 million) audiences based off of targeting workbook groupsThis is apparently based on 'people in the United States and 3 other filters selected'. When building my targeting list, I look in insights/audience/potential audience to find targeted interests. I see the estimated audience size is shown for people 'in Germany and 3 other filters selected', because I live in Germany. Of course the audience is much smaller! Should I get rid of this filter 'in Germany' to get the right audience size? How do I do that?