INDIESLIVE UK! w/ Ande Hunter

Originally Published: December 9th, 2021


Time Stamps:

5:46 Peter-

When I choose a targetable interest like 'Faithless' or 'Chic' for my audience, how do I know if this is the ARTIST Faithless or Chic or something else? Is there a way to browse for artists? I only see a way to browse for music genres.

8:40 Fraser Anderson-

Hello everyone, This is my first Q&A. Lovely to be here and thanks for having me. I've recently recorded my 5th album and have joined Indipro because I've decided to not release it with my old label. I have a feeling I could do a better job . Over the years however Ive been badly organised around collecting email addresses and growing my fanbase. I'm rubbish at it. Ive also been very quiet on social media since the pandemic started probably because I was feeling sorry for myself. Which isn't who I am. I'm actually a pretty upbeat chap and always into having a giggle. So my question is. How should I get back into the world of posting on socials when the idea of it is scary as Ive put on a bit of weight and often feel like I'm too old anyway?