INDIESLIVE UK! w/ Ande Hunter

Originally Published: June 17th, 2021


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6:00 Simone Croes:

Question 1: educate your fans with a FB advertisement funnel; FFers and Boosted posts. Jesse spoke in the IndiePro group about 5 FF-ers and 2 boosted posts (may 24th, George Bell). What is your experience on this?
Q2: I keep hearing more positive stories on cold audience opt in ads due to the improving FB algorhythms. Do you have any experience with this?

11:27 Maria Grönlund:

Hi Ande! Haven't been aware of having the opportunity to ask questions to someone Indepreneur savvy with a European perspective before - that's awesome! I'm in Sweden.

My question is: In the trainings, when it comes to merch fulfilment solutions they talk about Shipstation being the go-to. That's not available in Europe (at least not in Sweden). Do you have a recommendation on what to use instead?
One more thing I would need a second opinion on is this:

I started my first Facebook group for my music two weeks ago.

I’ve been listening to Jesse’s advice on starting one, and he has his one pretty open, seeing it as a low level, introduction thing, before the permission stage.

Corrin, on the other hand, has been talking about her group that is only for email subscribers, and keeping it as a deeper stage of her Buddy system.

My thought was this - I made a special RSVP episode of my weekly live stream ’Meet me at the piano’, with special content as an opt-in bribe for getting email opt-ins, and held that stream in this exclusive Facebook group with deeper fans only (thinking this has a great potential for different future things for deeper level stuff). They got the invitation to the group through email, and it worked out really well.

One of the viewers asked if he could share the stream to his friends, and I said this exclusively for people on my email list, but I would love it, if you invited your friends to sign up for the list, and I gave him the link to my opt-in landing page.

Instead of sending that he managed to invite 55 persons from his friends and family directly to the group (which I wasn’t aware of was possible, and I can’t find the setting to prevent that). So now I have all these people standing in the cue for me to let them in, and most of them are probably not the least interested in me, and haven’t heard about me before. The only action I can take is to let them in, or decline them (and give them that as a first impression). And most of all - I don’t want to be a jerk to this guy, who is my first real advocate!

What would you do in this dilemma? 

18:35 Jacob Morrison:

Hey Ande, I posted a question but it seems to have disappeared! Is it hidden? I'll try again without any links:

We've just released a Free+SH campaign, so far only to our mailing list. Getting about 50% of takers going for the extra CD bump but nobody has taken the T-shirt upsell. To ship a T-shirt, we had to charge extra shipping at the upsell stage to not make a loss (especially internationally).

Should we raise the T-shirt price rather than charging extra shipping? Any other tips for running this (we're UK based)?

28:40 Margaux Sachse:

Hey Ande, hope all is well! How do you recommend to increase budget on a free + shipping and handling funnel? I went for a 20% increase every Monday, but lately I seem to have the same amount of conversions and just pay more for each of them.