INDIESLIVE! Audit Session w/ Director of Growth & Co-Founder Corrin Campbell

Published: January 20th, 2021


Question Time stamps:

3:50 Robert Mulhern:

Hey Circa! I watched the 502s ground report on spotify stories ads. And of course andrew southworths tutorials on the same.
Have ye developed this further?

You mention o connell media in the courses yet I cannot find them anywhere could you please direct me to them?
Thanks Man 🙂


6:25 and 31:35 Chris Richardson:

I’m currently running an ad for my weekly fb live sessions. It’s optimized for “Event response” for my upcoming scheduled live event this Friday. I’m doing 5 dollars per day for 3 days. It’s targeted at a 50% vv audience. Seems to be performing horribly so far. I’ve spent $9 & no event responses. Just wondering if I’m messing something up.

I had another question too. only being greedy with my questions because it seems like not a lot of people are here today. 🙂 even when i do get people to come to my livestream, they don't really stick around. they lurk for a few minutes & then leave. i'm basically making live electronic music on the fly, which is kinda hit or miss i guess. wondering how i can make my live sessions more engaging. i was thinking of adding trippy visuals. here's a look. thanks.

34:40 Dan Barton:

Yo Corrin! I've got a classical piano project that does really well on spotify's study/focus playlists, and we're seeing good growth in sheet music sales on our website. Our first fan finder is running pretty well at $.07 per 75% view, and we just got enough 95% views to make a lookalike audience. (

As we move forward with next steps, any recommendations for this genre, where there's less bankable personality/branding options. To be honest, I'm self-conscious about it because I know that most of our listener base is passive background streams. =/