INDIESLIVE! Audit Session w/ IndieX Agency Lead Jack McCarthy

Published on 12/16/2020



Joe Chesterman-March

Hi Jack, are there any indicators that our fan finder audience are ready for a permission offer? How can we know when they're ready for it when we don't know if there have been any additional touches (maybe GLW, maybe not)? Thanks.

Audit wise, maybe looking through our FB page would be useful RE engagement levels. We post weekly with podcast snippets or our 'piece of the month' blog post. Email wise we email twice a month: telling them about the new podcast and 'piece of the month' blog post. Open rates around 45%, clicks 3-9%


Giulia Millanta

Hi Jack. I just released a record and I'm considering running an UAL campaign BUT I recently ran 2 permission campaigns and they were a fiasco, so I'm a bit hesitant right now. Not only I don't want to waste money but I also don't want to waste time setting the whole experience/campaign for nothing. My self esteem hurts a bit too LOL
I would like to have some feed back from you on my first permission campaign. Can you tell me what went wrong?
I set it all up at the end of a Permission Founder I did and the video ad was pretty solid, using elements from my FF and I had a bunch of video views AND hundreds of people clicked on it and viewed my landing page.
So my guess is that the offer wasn't compelling enough?
This is the landing page
Once subscribed people would receive a 3 day email series with exclusive content (so basically like a short UAL type thing)
This is day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Before embarking in an UAL I would like to know what went wrong here..


Ian Goldberg

Hey Jack, working on my first Free Shipping & Handling funnel and wanted to get your eyes on it for the audit. Would love if you could take a look at the pages (you can make a purchase with the Test Gateway & fake address info). Still tweaking some things (order bump needs a description) but I think its all pretty much there. Really want to get the offer video down to 1 minute so I can show it on IG where the bulk of my followers are. Do you think if i make a 1 minute cut of the video through quick edits just for IG itll be ok while leaving the current version for my page and FB? Or is it better to just re-shoot it? Looking for page design advice/critique as well. And one last thing, i used your woofunnels templates but I was wondering if there was a way to do the t-shirt OTO with drop down menus for size/color instead of buttons? i think it would be more aesthetically pleasing that way but i spent a long time trying to get my FITFON on to do it but wasnt able to find a solution. THANKS!


Pravin Thompson

Hey Jack. I don't have any immediate questions, but I'd love your opinion on my website and any feedback on ways to improve it. I'm constantly tweeking and trying to make sure it's easy to navigate, and improve the loadtime. As well as keep the buddy system in mind.


Kevin Shoemaker

Hey Jack, I am setting up my email list and friend said my emails are going to his promotions tab in gmail. Is there a way to modify my emails in mailchimp so they go to the primary inbox of the recipients of my mailing list?


B Light Edjamian

Hey Jack! I was wondering if you can audit this website for me.


James Joseph Luke

Hi Jack, Starting my first ad campaign which is me singing a cover song live. Should I make this song available for as a bribe for the opt-in? What prep should I be doing and what do you think of the site:


Mitchell Lawler

My website isn't finished yet (still need to get my shop and other funnels done) but here's the barebones…