INDIESLIVE! w/ Jack McCarthy

Published on 4/14/2021


3:00 Pravin Thompson:

Hey Jack! Thank ya for doing this!
Recently started running a permission bribe for a listening party I am hosting next month. I don't feel super confident about my Ad Copy. Wouldn't mind some constructive criticism. I have three variations, this one is geared towards other musicians and creatives:

11:35 Emily Wade Adams:
Hi Jack! I'm working through your Permission training for a client and we're going with the "15 Minutes of Fame" bribe - asking fans to help name her next album. How would you recommend we collect people's submissions? We could either ask them to reply directly to our opt-in autoresponder, or we could give them a Google Forms link, or...? What do you think is best? We'd like for them to be able to submit multiple ideas if they have more than one good name. Thanks in advance for any tips you have!

16:50 Marti Purull:
Hey Jack, I'm repurposing my album experience launch from last year to use it as a bribe for a permission campaign. In fact, the whole thing is an Introduction, Education, Permission and Affirmation campaign (what could go wrong, eh?!).

I'm creating all the assets now (from FF and Ed vids to pages and emails) and I was wondering if you'd mind taking a look at both my signup page ( and my CD offer page (

Thanks a million! Just did your permission training and it was fantastic!

24:11 Rob Spandl:

Hi Jack,
Circa was kind enough to give me some advice for a permission landing page a few weeks ago.
I finally made alm the changes and want to double check if there is anything else that needs to be improved.
Thanks so much!

29:25 Greg Freeman: 
Hey Jack. Took Shae's advice from last week on my landing page.

Looking for feedback on the new copy PLUS can you look at my upsell page and see how THAT is looking. We didn't get to that last week.

I've sold 9 of these. 2 have upgraded to the CD + shirt. One upgraded to the DVD. How do I optimize this? I'm not running traffic to this page. Just a fan finder video of the first song and a ManyChat comment tool that eventually leads to an unlisted YouTube link with the second and a link to this FSH offer I'm the description.

Can I quit my job yet?

35:35 Patricia Bahia: 
I need to upgrade my email provider so I can do automation and landing pages etc. I’m currently on Bandzoogle. And, I really want a CRM that will enable me to track my one on one contacts with music supervisors and agencies. Ideally I want to be able to schedule and track individual followups. Is there an email provider that can do both things?

39:15 Kat Burgs:
Hey Jack, I'm having trouble in Audience creation. My fan finder video has had over 74k views but when I try and create a custom audience of 75% views.. the video doesnt exist in my options. I have contacted facebook a few days ago... aparently they will get back to me. Has this ever happened?