INDIESLIVE! Audit Session w/ Director of Growth & Co-Founder Corrin Campbell

Published: Septemeber 2nd, 2020


Question Time stamps:

Chris Richardson: 3:50

Hi there. Didn't know if I should post it above or below, so I'm posting it on both. Sorry. Here is my poorly performing FF we talked about:


Houston Norris: 10:00

Hey, Working on the Free + S&H strategy to drive some more conversions. We're attempting to do it as affordably as possible and using landing pages created through squarespace partnered with shopify checkout buttons. Our online store is hosted in shopify. I plan to use facebook ad's to drive traffic and lead folks to this page (which then leads to upsell offer). Was just hoping you could check out the wording and layout and see if there are any glaring issues or if I'm on the right track with what we've got going so far. Thanks, link below.


Joe Chesterman-March: 17:30

Hi Corrin,
I've got this Fan Finder that's doing decently - £0.15 per 50% vv (long vid) with some decent comments and tags. It's the second FF I've run becuase the first one was getting the wrong crowd. Here it is
For both fan finders I ran a follow up video to check the audience was a good'un. What's surprised me though is that the engagement has been the same for the 'wrong' audience and this new more suitable audience see: (bare in mind the George video is longer than the Tilly video)
The Tilly video is this one:
And the George video is what is now the fan finder.
My question is does this mean I'm still not getting the right audience? My first fan finder had very little relation to the follow-up, whereas the current combination is in the same visual style and type of music so I expected better engagement.


Tj Cople: 22:15

Would love an audit of my landing page for launch - as well as thank you page... I also don't know how to make it easy for them to "invite people" and brain storming ways to incentivise it

Landing page-
Thank you page -


James Dutile: 1:08:00

1. Any new updates on Greenlight countries?
2. Also, getting notifications from facebook that audience targeting is changing? Do you know what and how this will affect targeting?


Mirjam Sieben: 29:00

Hi Corrin, would be great if you could have a look on these 2 pages:

This free + shipping and handling offer we did last week and we sold 34 free cds, 12 upsell cds of 10 euro and 4 t-shirts of 16 euro. I will do this campaign withih a few months again and I was wondering if you maybe see things that could be better to even get better results.

This Sunday we will release our membership! I'm very happy that I can do it on our own Shopify website with only an add-on by Bold for 10 euro a month up to 50 members, instead of giving Patreon 8%. I was wondering what you think of the 3 tiers and maybe you have some advice.
Thank you!


Ian Goldberg: 1:11:35

Quick question unrelated to auditing. I was curious where you were getting your LED acrylic lights merch made? And cost? Thanks!


Lewis George: 41:25

Here's a look at my FF, thinking of doing a similar one for the new single. Do you think the Kitchen adds or removes from the experience?



Jacob Sherman: 1:16:20

Hey! Okay, question. I am thinking about switching my fan finder to this music video that was doing okay. I know its not quiet a live video, but do you think it might work seeing that the intro is kinda performance based? Or should we try and make this content a straight forward one shot performace video?


Jourdanne B DeLovely: 45:30

I too did not know the protocol for posting above or below :] This is my first, brand new FF. So far so good but my budget was small ❤ (hope I did this right - I'm super new :] )


Matt Koelsch: 50:20

Hey Corrin, I have a pop-up with an email opt in-incentive offer on my front page of my website. I am wondering how I could improve this?


Atlas J. Cage: 57:30

Heres the ladning page Im working on


Emma Moore: 1:02:50

Refresh worked! 🙈 If you get time here's what I posted before;

I'm moving to something funnel based in Dec (probably clickfunnels) but about to run a FF I want to invest that money in ads instead. I was just checking to see if I can make some improvements to my general web page until then, and if any design aspects are working/not working to carry forward to the funnel. I'll be running sign up ads / nurturing so sign ups are my priority followed by merch.


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