INDIESLIVE! Audit Session w/ IndieX Agency Specialist, Ed Isola

Published: October 21st, 2020



6:40 Yanmusic:

Hey there! I'm a pop/rock singer-songwriter based in Toronto. I started my Indepreneur journey in January of this year. I would love to hear your thoughts on my newly updated Album Experience sign-up Landing Page, for my debut album "Are There Any Rules?"

Thank you!


14:34 Aaron Eubanks:

Ed, can you please go into detail about the Education Funnel? Proper set. When to use it. Best pratices...etc. I followed the training but I believe I'm still doing something incorrect. I like the concept. I just need to do a deeper dive into it.


17:00 JC Flores:

Hi Ed I’m currently running a video views campaign and curious on what kind of actions would you recommend I take next to optimize for best results? Should I create a custom audience first with a call to action button or stay away from the buttons per what Kyle mentioned in one of the videos? Create a look a like audience? Here’s a link to the video and I also edited the clips and the lyric to each scene.


20:37 and 27:05 We Are All Astronauts:
1. I'm new to Indiepreneur but have gathered 20+ million plays on streaming, so not new to the music industry. However, I'm trying to funnel more fans and interaction via my platforms than other playlists/channels.

My question is on facbook ads is because so many I see are pretty cringy and come across as needy... how do you craft an ad on Facebook (where people are not usually looking for new music) such that people want to click on it and you dont hurt your brand? Is it worth making the music secondary to another medium e.g. a motivational video, or some cool merch that has more visual appeal? 

2. It would be great to hear thoughts on how to improve the landing page of my website that leads with new music (although the new EP isn't actually set up yet!):

3. Also, based on your initial comments of getting 5,000 emails back on an album launch, what kind of size channel audience are you pushing to? Or is this via funneling people to give you their emails from ads? Just for reference, I've slowly accumulated about 1200 emails from 30k Spotify monthly listeners, 11k SoundCloud, 5k Facebook, 5k YouTube. So I feel there must be a lot of untapped ways to get direct access to fans.

Thanks again,  Dave


40:45 Andy Hunter:
Great job with your campaigns Ed!What do you think of this as something to show to a warm audience? put this video together for Takahiro and would like to get some Buddy System ads going for him soon too. Just need to figure out what the FF will be and where this Shigan video collage would fit in. Education or Nurturing seem to make sense but not sure what the suggestions are on animated video ads​