Published: November 4th, 2021


9:11 Margaux:

Hey Ed, when testing different audiences on a free + shipping/handling campaign using Campaign Budget Optimisation, how long do you recommend leaving audiences on before moving on to the next one to test? Thanks a lot!

12:25- Corey Lewin

What's up Ed! I'm wondering if you could talk a bit about where you feel Spotify/streaming fits into the Buddy System both in general and how you guys (The 502s) use it within your own. I ran cold traffic to streaming services for a couple of years but Spotify is dreadful as a fan engagement tool and the monetary returns from streaming alone are typically not worth the ad spend, so I kind of started to neglect it. But now I'm realizing that I may just need to adjust my thinking and treat streaming platforms as an Education tool- a place where new prospective fans/warm audiences can dive in deeper into your music catalogue and become ACTUAL fans. Spending ad money to send people to streaming for THAT purpose seems like it could be worthwhile in the long run.Could you share some thoughts on that and also maybe at what stage of your marketing efforts you start trying to send people to streaming (ex. right after a FF? When you drop new music following FF + GLW boosting efforts? Etc) . Thanks man!

27:00- Mehdi Cayenne:

Hi! 2 lines of question:

1. I'd love some feedback on these possible Fan Finder videos: I've updated my web page for this upcoming tour in New-Brunswick; trying to maximize engagement and to provide a worthwhile bribe (def not happening yet): - any thoughts are welcome, looking at making typeform or videoask widget to invite people to share their input about 3 questions: - 3 things I should bring on the road- what music should we listen to while driving?- which songs on mine should I play?