Published: July 7th, 2021


9:47 Deven MickeyYoung Bridges:

Hey Ed… question regarding targeting/traffic source for FFs and GLW Boosted content. Long question:

I get the gist of why we cast a wide net in our targeting… wanting to have a potential audience of a million to 10 million is what Circa suggests, if I’m not mistaken. It seems to me you wouldn’t want to leave any potential audience member left out because FB could know who your potential audience is better than you as an artist would. And you want as much data to pull from, so it’s more advantageous to cast a wide net.

But I’m wondering why I don’t hear much from you guys regarding specific/narrow geo-targeting when it comes to these top of funnel campaigns.

If I’m trying to grow my following and endear new people to my artistry, wouldn’t it make sense to create an additional ad-set in my next FF with narrow targeting, purely focused on my hometown and surrounding cities (based off of previous 75% VVs) to go along with the suggested audience targeting strategies… that way I’m sure to reach the screens of people who fit my music at home-base? Or is that redundant or will it have unintended consequences?

19:29 Jordan Armstrong:

Hey Ed! I have email sign ups on my webpage which gives people a free download for signing up. They are THEN placed into a 'Limited Time Offer' email funnel which lasts about 5 days...I am ALSO sending out regular email content about once a week to the 'entire' list...My question: Do you think it would be best to keep new sign ups OUT of my 'regular content emails' until AFTER they have either purchased, opted out, or the LTO has expired? In short, do you think my 'regular content emails' could interupt the 'flow' of the LTO email for new sighn ups?

(Hope this makes sense! Thanks!