Published: September 1st, 2021



Is it safe to switch a campaign from Adset Budget Optimisation to Campaign Budget Optimisation? The campaign currently has only one warm and one cold audience.


edddd! hello! can you give some feedback on this FF video and educational message (3:07) / sign up request / offer? running as a FF because my retarget window timed out on other videos; has a sign up request nonetheless. too soon or who cares? not expecting it to do as well as a performance one take. ad: sign up form: www.smyle.wtfbest!

Sage Lewis-10:51

For the ultimate album launch I have two questions. 1. Can I just send my whole email list through it automatically or should I do a special opt-in for everyone to choose to be part of it before they get bombarded by 15 emails?

2. Is it good to mention in the beginning that there will be sales at the end so that people don't feel like this was all a big sales campaign when the post-launch starts?

3. For an ultimate album launch campaign, what should the email content look like that brings people to the launch pages with each song, video, etc.? should you just put the page content directly onto the email instead of creating an extra step / link for them to hurdle through to get to content?

Vivi- 21:49

Hi! This is gonna be kinda long…Here’s where I am:

 I’m focusing on Intro/Education stage at the moment. running 2 FF, releasing contents bi weekly(struggling a little here, always take too long to make contents). Running GLW boosting for new posts. Haven’t really built a email list yet. Usually my posts gets 5-20 organic comments. At this stage, should I keep focusing on intro/education, or can I start to consider permission?

Here’s a more specific question: I have a new single dropping soon, I have some BTS contents and don’t know what to do about them. Is it better to make them become an evergreen mini experience to get opt-ins, or just release these BTS contents as regular contents?Here's a list of contents I have related the single:

1. Music Video (thinking about running Spotify traffic or opt in)

2. Animated Lyric Video (thinking about Spotify traffic or opt in)

3. live performance video, me singing while using tea tools as instruments (thinking about running FF)

4.  BTS: A video of me talking about why I created the song

5. BTS: A video of me explaining how the music video was made6. BTS: A video of me drinking tea(it’s a song about tea) and talking about what troubles I ran into during making the songAny releasing/campaign strategy suggestions about this single will be appreciated!

Thank you so much.



Raycheal Winters- 25:45

I'm doing a direct to Spotify campaign with Conversions as the objective instead of Traffic as the objective. My cost per lead right now is $1.39 per lead. Is this normal? should I have not used conversion as the objective? The only reason I did is because I tried traffic at first and was barely getting any leads at all. Each link click was really cheap, but I didn't gain many lead events from it