INDIESLIVE! w/ Jack McCarthy

Published on 5/2/2021

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Deven Mickey Young Bridges:
Question: Ive been wanting to host a Q&A livestream that creates an opportunity for email sign ups by strictly accepting questions ahead of time via email from people signed up for my email or text list, thus making a permission bribe out of the event, how might someone best build that process/customer journey out?

What tools could I use?
What could that journey look like?
I’m thinking of accepting maybe ONE question from the chat live during he 60minute stream, and I’m considering kicking the first one off this Friday.
Alasdair MacKenzie:
Hey Jack, hope you're doing well.I'm releasing a single with a live-in-studio video soon, and I'm not far enough along in the buddy system for the "how to profit from a launch" training to be applicable, but I bet there are still things I could do to promote it that I haven't thought of. What would you recommend doing besides the obvious––putting the song on streaming platforms and the video on Youtube, posting/storying about it on our social media platforms, and maybe dropping the video in some relevant subreddits?Or, to put it another way, what would you say should be my KPI for this release, and how would you recommend maximizing it?
Margaux Sachse:
Hey Jack, hope all is well! I’ve got a free + shipping and handling campaign running and after a great start, it stopped delivering today for some reason. I was getting purchases for about 1,20€ so far, and today I’m getting very little to no reach at all on my ad sets. My audience size is 6M+ and my budget on this campaign is 12€ per day for now. Out of curiosity I looked myself up in the Facebook Ad Library and can’t see the campaign there either. Any idea why that is?


Emily Wade Adams:

My client's Business Manager was recently disabled without warning. No rejected ads, no policy violations that we're aware of. We appealed, but FB upheld their decision, so now, apparently, we can never advertise on FB or IG again. So my qs are: A) any tips for recovering a Business Manager? and B) if we are truly blocked from advertising on FB & IG, where would you recommend we spend our time & money instead? (She's a 60+ year old folk singer/songwriter). Thank you so much! You guys are always so helpful! xoxo
Anthony Meynell:
Hi Jack,Ive had my first Fan Finder going for just over 2 weeks. Im perplexed because although its getting good reactions, the 75% cost per view was lower during the headline test and went up for the main 10 ad set run. I chose the best 4, then slowly the number of views decreased so I switched all the ad sets back on and the worst were now best! I got to 1000 75% views which was actually 1500 after adding in the shares. I kept the best ad set going as a bench mark and started a new LAL ad with single custom audience of 9.9million based on 3% of the 75% views, and this LAL cost per 75% view is higher than the previous ad sets and often under performs them, though the thru play is 2/3 cost of the FF.Is it the video at fault? It’ s a live concert clip. going to start a 2nd new FF. Should I pitch it at this same LAL audience or start from scratch again?