INDIESLIVE! Q&A Consultation w/ IndieX Agency Lead Jack McCarthy

Published on August 19th, 2020


Question Timestamps:

Emily Wade Adams: "Hi Jack! I manage an 8-piece funky jam band called Jeremy Beck & the Heavy Duty Horns. I arrived to Indepreneur after we'd already released our EP, so we are working a little backwards. We set up a great fan finder that has been getting tons of engagement at a low cost, and we have been GLW-boosting at least one post/video per week for further education to these folks. However, our permission campaign isn't performing very well - we aren't getting many subscribers from it. We don't have an "album experience" since the album's already released, so we're just trying to get people onto our Mailchimp mailing list. Our offer is "Get a sneak peek of our new (unreleased) song, plus be entered for a chance to win sweet JBHDH gear!" Do you think the poor performance of our permission campaign is due to a poor offer? Do you have any other tips or best practices for artists who are just trying to boost their mailing list vs doing an album launch? (For reference, our squeeze page is:

Also, a technical question: In Mailchimp forms, how do you recommend collecting subscriber's locations without having them fill out a super-long form? I saw that postal code is only for US, and the full mailing address form seems a bit intense to have everyone fill out. Any tips? We'd love to target people by location when we start touring again.
Thank you so much for your advice!!"

Jacob Trautner:
"Hi Jack
Regarding the limited amount of countries you now recommend to target in the fan finder campaign because of suspected bot-activity. Is there any update on when it's ok to target European countries?

I write neoclassical piano music, and first, many of these artists are not targetable in Facebook, and many are also european so they are not the that big outside Europe. I therefore often end up with relative small audiences when testing them against each other (still interests based), how small an audience can you work with, is 2-300.000 pr. audience enough ?

Roy Ziv:
"Hey Jack,
How do i run a re-targeting campaign for anyone who visits my sales page? Everytime i visit a companies website, i immidietly see ads on Fb & IG for their products.

I've got a pixel on the site, so i can target the website visitors, but which campaign objective do i use? and how do i set the budget? Because if it's set to $5 a day, but lets say the past week no body visited the website, how does facebook use those $5?
is there a way to only spend the money when someone visits my website and gets a re-targeting ad?

Jen Elizabeth:
"Any advice for getting more subscribers on Youtube? Aside from adding incentives for current followers to subscribe - already did that, and it got a few. Just looking for any other ideas"

Greg Freeman:
"Okay, the plan is to do a live stream zoom style concert. Stream it to FB, IG, YT, and Twitch simultaneously. It'll be a free watch. Then, I want to use footage from that set as my follow up to the FF. Whoever watches the fan finder can watch a song from that performance.

Then i want to use that "live" album as a Free + S&H offering to whomever watches both the FF and the ad from the set. And use my bundle of 5 previous CDs (with songs from the set) as an upsell. Plus a shirt upsell maybe.
Then once this is up and running, I can do an album launch or a new single or something. Is this the Way? lol

I mean, what am I missing? How can I maximize this stream? get the most targetable data from the stream? How can I build the machine so I can get out of grocery store life!
Also, what's up dude."

Billy Croghan:
"Facebook keeps removing my comments claiming they're spam. I have a landing page I'd like to get feedback on, I can send the link during the live stream if that works, not sure how else to get it over to you."

Steve Mann:
"Hey Jack,
I've seen this going around ad buyers for a while and wanted your thoughts on "No matter where you are in your funnel, always optimize for your ultimate conversion."

The idea as I understand it is whatever you tell Facebook to do, get video views, leads, add to carts, or sales, it sorts through whatever audiences we give it to find people who have triggered those events.

Applied in our case when we fill up our TOF with a FF optimizing for video views, we're not necessarily filling it with "buyers", and top to bottom through a funnel we might be better off optimizing for "sales" or "leads" on a FF.

I can see how it might deviate as per the difference between a "fan" and a "buyer" but have you any experience with this approach?"

Dicky Moore:
"Hi Jack
I'm trying to quickly get my head around the ultimate album launch training as the album is launching on the digital stores on 4th September abd I have two questions.

Firstly, I'm planning on starting the "album launch journey - 10 days of content" from that date. Is there guidance to when we should run the album launch campaign? ie should it run up to the launch date, or start after the launch date, or does it not matter?

My other question is that I'm thinking of offering the album on CD as a bribe, Free+S&H, and then offering an upgrade to a limited edition deluxe edition as the bump - including limited edition prints, signed CD etc. Do you think that would work? Or should I offer something else as a bump? I also have buttons and stickers packs, posters and t-shirts. I'm a bit lost as to which merch is best to run with at which stages.
Thanks in advance for your help.”

Matt Damico:
"Newbie question. Where do you find the best time in your day to do this Music Marketing and all that it entails when juggling life, family, career? What works best in your opinion? Thank you”

The Amber Bugs:
"whens the right time to move from running fan finders to running permission campaigns?”

Christopher Thomas Richardson:
i'm more of an electronic music producer & not really a performer, so for my fanfinder is just two dancers. but some indies are saying a video without my face is kind of a waste. your thoughts?

Gloria Taylor:
HI, I'm new here although I ran a FF 2 yrs ago w/help. I have a bunch of saved audiences, but cant figure out how to edit/update this info. Do i need to start a new one?

William Faith:
"Hi Jack -- Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but I was wondering what your opinion is on Patreon as a method of monetizing your fan base? Thanks!"