INDIESLIVE! Q&A Consultation w/ IndieX Agency Specialist Jesse Gillenwalters

Published: November 18th, 2020


8:00 Dominik Baer

Hey Jesse,
Thanks so much for what you do! I am looking for a good CRM to track sales and customer relationship according to the buddy system. To be able to enhance the fan experience and Better cater to every stage of fan. So far I’ve been using the free version of mailchimp but after listening to Corrin I’m considering upgrading to DRIP. I need something that communicates with the mailer and the shop (square space or woo commerce - could do eithet( any recommendations? Thanks so much

14:23 and 32:48 Cory Cory

Hey Jesse! I'm currently running a permission stage conversions campaign in which I'm taking my album launch evergreen. Day 1 was where I got the bulk of my sign-ups at $1.67 per conversion. By Day 3, it was down to maybe 2 daily sign up, and now at Day 5, I haven't seen any come in. Reach is 3200, Freq 2.77, and cost per conversion is up to $2.75. Should I switch my campaign objective? I figure my warm audience is over 10k. Also my link clicks is up around 185 but I only have 21 conversions. Nervous my landing page is loading fast enough on Wix. Thanks for your sage advice!

On a different matter, if you have time, my custom GLWB audience doesn't show up when I go to boost a post, either mobile or desktop. In fact, only one custom audience of 50%VV is listed. Is there something I'm missing?

24:50 Natalie Wees

I'm running a FF... now what?... meaning... how long do I run the FF? When should I run a new FF? I'm making my way through the online modules so not asking what videos to watch next, just trying to piece it all together to figure out how to continue to educate/warm up my audience, and what the best plan of action is for FB ads to eventually transition to the permission stage.

30:33 Kim Weinglass

Hi, I'm new to Indiepro and haven't finished the Buddy System training yet. But I've been seeing posts in the FB group about people's accounts getting shut down for running ads. What is that about?


37:15 Eric Johanson

Hey Jesse - If you have time - What are some of the best opt-in / permission bribes you've seen for a warm audience (from FF views, not yet fans)? I've been making a post-release evergreen UAL type thing, but I'm not sure if something would work better, or be simpler. I am on a small label, so I can't use the "here's the album for free" offer, and I don't want to offer some old music when I'm trying to promote a new album. Thanks!

44:10 Pamela Parker

I'm wondering about posting new music videos and then using ads to promote the full video. Do you post to creator studio then link the Video ID to the ad? I'm confused how to do the intial post then link it to an ad? This seems new and confusing the Business Manager doing ads then the Creator Studio doing posts...can you explain how to use them together?

49:51 Ali Handal

Hi Jesse -- I have this ad that I'd like to start running ~ I'm thinking of using it as a Fan Finder, but it's under 1 minute long. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions for how to use this in my fan acquisition process, and if you have any suggestions for improving the ad (or adding a call to action, if you think that I should use it elsewhere in my process). Thanks so much! Here's a link to the post that contains the ad:

57:40 Joel Rowland

Can you go over a brief description of combining organic with audiences from Fan Finder?