INDIESLIVE! Q&A Consultation w/ IndieX Agency Specialist Jesse Gillenwalters

Published: February 3rd, 2021

Time Stamps

7:04 Pravin Thompson

Hey Jesse!

Absolutely loved the new training. It gave me a lot to think about. What I do have trouble with is creating permission bribes. I'm just very slow at creating all the mechanism that go along with it, and sometimes I feel like I'm letting fans just hang in the DM's for too long and I feel awkward trying to re-engage them.

I was doing a weekly check-in with fans, and try to lead the conversation into a way where I am delivering content in someway or to get an idea of what permission bribe would work for them. But I do worry about coming across pushy or aggressive. And sometimes I feel weird just randomly checking in without any real purpose.

What are other ways to re-engage people in the DM's who may not be ready for a permission bribe or if I don't have a permission bribe set up for them?

15:00 Joseph Daniel Piacenti

I built a Manychat bot to get some surface level qualitative data on people who comment on a video. The video is my current fan finder, which is shut off, but I plan to start back up again soon. It's my first fan finder that I've done. Is it too soon to start the education phase? Should I turn that bot off until I have a more stable intro stage?

18:00 Red 39 Entertainment

Is anybody still using manychat in FB ads as a starting step? I have a multi -hannel funnel that starts with a manchat flow, but when the json ad publishes, & the CTA is clicked, the bot doesn't fire?

19:53 Zach Klein

Hey Jesse,
I’m trying to figure out why my permission offer isn’t hitting with my warm audience. I’ve gotten a lot of positive comments in the early stages of the buddy system, and now when I’m trying to push my exclusive EP offer to this audience I’m not getting the signups for the EP.

I have 2 different ads where I’m singing over the songs from the EP with the music in the background, 1 ad with the a song from the EP playing over a cool visualizer, and the a picture of the EP cover.

I’ve spent $17 so far , 57 people clicked, 7 landed on the page, and it looks like 0 have actually signed up.

I know its hard to go off of a little amount of information, but here’s the landing page at least for my permission offer.

28:15 Troy Tittley

Hey Jesse, been going through your training and I'm pretty interested in the facebook group section, mostly because it bypasses the organic reach problems. Im wondering whether taking someone through fanfinder, to an interview, to an invite to the group would work as a good pathway? And is there a specific type of permission offer that works well for getting people into groups?

31:15 Tim Rose

I've run two successful fan finders, WOW they are killing. what the hell do I do now? Is it too early in the buddy system to run a free s+h? suggest

34:28 Chris Richardson

are there any other tips you have for getting lots of people to come to a livestream?

37:50 & 41:57 Tomislav Vedrina

I'm going into an album launch opt in phase in a few weeks so I pulled down my previous opt-in offer ads. because I want to give the warm audienceI a break before I go all in on the UAL permission phase. However I wanted to leave the offer on the website just to have something to do when anyone comes across it without me driving traffic. I'd even leave that permission offer as an easter egg somewhere forever.... does that make sense?

39:00 Skadandy

Had in mind a private Soundcloud track which is linked in the email and anyone can use. Is that enough? Should I look into something like Bandcamp codes + Zapier automation?

45:35 Marti Purull

what website builder do you use, Jesse?

47:10 maryjessmusic

Hey Jesse! Love how long your hair is now! What's the best way to do a 'pay what you want' campaign for a single please? Where can you do that? How should you set it up?

49:23 George Moorey

what is the most effective bribe these days - I offer a free EP download (which also has a lovely pdf with original artwork)]