INDIESLIVE! Q&A Consult w/ Jack McCarthy
Published on September 23rd, 2020


49:40: Keith McMurray

Hello Jack. Hope you're well. I'm a little confused as this page is showing the details for the last session with Ed but I think I'm in the right place?!
Suppose I'll find out soon enough.
Anyway, I've been waiting for you to do a Q&A for ages as I use Aweber and I've heard rumours that you absolutely hate it. As someone at the early stages of growing my list (I've around 160 subscribers) I would love to know why as so far I've found it fine to use as well as fairly cheap.

As I grow my list and try to do more with it, what perils await me...?!!


54:20: Tommy Spase

Hey Jack, I hope you are well! I am finishing up my new album and as part of the deal for crowdfunders and pre-orders, I offered them a download before the CD is made. Just wondering what your prefered portal is for a secure download? Thanks!


56:40: Marius Leicht

Hey Jack, I‘m stuck with my tech stack. Changed over from Mailchimp to Drip for the CRM features, just to learn that it won‘t integrate with Shopify when using the lite plan. I want to build my own storefront on my website, so I don‘t want to pay the extra fee for the full Shopify with an online storefront I don‘t need.
Looking at Thrivecart now, but since there is no test period, I want to check for surprises before I pay the lifetime fee.
Will I be able in the long term to collect and manage all the customer data that is relevant in the Indepreneur style marketing with the combination of Squarespace + Thrivecart + Drip? Am I missing something? Will they integrate flawlessly?


59:20: Dan Barton

re: email best practices —I run a dueling pianos act, and we've recently setup a social distance request line so people can email us song requests on stage. Can I add these requesters to our list? Or do I need a follow up/proactive/consensual opt in for future communication? Thanks!

PS — y'all never talk about ConvertKit in the podcast or email training. Any experience or thoughts on it?


1:03:33: Firas Al-Bakri

Any advice on running a successful YouTube ad for a music video? I've been trying for 2 years and found little to no results. There's so much rubbish advice on how to run ads on YouTube, they fail to show any concrete results. Would love your input on it. Thanks!


1:08:15: Greg Owens 

Yo Jack! So, I was running my permission campaign and it was not going well so I thought maybe I hadn't educated my audience enough. I was just running it to my Green Light Warmth audience. So, I thought I'd retarget my 75% vv for my FF with a "Behind the Song" video about the FF song. Then, target the 75% vv of that video with the permission offer. Thoughts on that strategy? Have you tried anything like this? Hopin' to start running it tomorrow, but I was curious what you thought. Sounds good in theory to me, but 🤷‍♀️ . Thanks man!


1:13:20: Billy Croghan
Looking strictly for benchmarks here, and I understand there are probably a million variables, but in terms of ad cost per email opt-in on a permission campaign, at what point would you turn it off. This could be in specifics like, "$5 is the max I'll pay for an email address" or "Don't pay more than x% of the entry purchase value of a customer" - a rule of thumb would be nice, I'm trying to determine when to make the choice to pause and edit ad campaigns for better performance.


1:17:00: Nelson Femi Sofoluke

Hi Jack. I have two questions.

First, could you take a look at the opt-in video and a landing page for a permission campaign we are running for our artist? You can find the opt-in video here: The link to the landing page is here: Most of the audience comes from a Fan Finder ( that has been educated with subsequent videos. Would appreciate your thoughts on the bribe of the opt-in video, the layout of the landing page, above and below the fold, etc.

Second, I started a Google Ads campagin where I am running the above Fan Finder video via in-stream video ads. I have 14 ad groups, each based on audiences that are similar to a similar artist. Am I doing this correctly? Pic if this helps:

Thanks so much!


1:22:10: Maxi Zee

So I am mainly releasing music for a younger audience with a bit off a more commercial hip-hop approach. but I have a BLM speech that got me loads of organic traction on instagram and facebook.....

as a lot of people reposted it. now I seen quite a lot of backlash from all lives matter people. just hating on my speech as its pro black lives matter so I am wondering…

if I use that clip for a fan-finder would it make more sense to create a new ad-account and run the fan finder there on a quote on quote separate channel or should I not give a damn? I remember that circa said we gotta be careful what we feed our ads accounts with in terms of audiences especially when we retargeting and all. so lets say best case scenario I get hell a lot of 75% video views but they will be mixd with love and haters if that makes sense.


1:27:00: Eric Johanson

Basically wondering if I might run into trouble with my ad account filtering people based on certain political interests? It was a suggestion given to me by some Indie members after my FF..


1:29:10: Seth Dyer

If I reduce the age range is there the potential for it to mess up my campaign on FB?

1:19:48: James Aaron

I’m at the start of my first FF and I’m about to target my LAL audience. How do I turn the people who have liked and commented on my FF into potential customers/fans?


1:31:05: Tj Cople
Would love some strategies for building awareness - I am doing all the normal stuff.. FF, Ads Etc but my ideal fan is in a relative small market — I run the danger of too much frequency when doing select targeting... just curious of other pivots you’ve seen other indieX clients make

1:34:00 and 1:46:20: Jessica Pearson
Hey Jack! Looking forward to this Q&A session! I am running a traffic campaign from insta stories to my Spotify (the same one from the ground report). I am curious at what numbers I should be aiming for in my ad set? What cost per result should I be aiming for? What percentage in quality ranking should I be aiming for? I have never run a traffic campaign so any help on running and managing a traffic campaign would be helpful!! 

1:36:40: Audrey Callahan
Hey Jack! I'm preparing to launch a Christmas album. I don't want to share one of my songs just yet as I'm reserving that for the album journey via my newsletter. So here are my questions:1. Could I sing a Christmas cover to lure fans in?2. Is it too early to be singing Christmas tunes in ads? If so, should I just do a standard FF and then pitch the interested parties my Christmas album when it comes time?3. Should I be focusing on Christmas related tagging in my ads at this point, or just use the 14 audiences I put together in the training?(For example...Christina Aguilera's fans who also like Hallmark Christmas Movies)Thanks so much!!!!!

1:39:40: Ozkr Martinez
Hey Jack! I ve been doing lives on fb to cultivate my audience, but I’m starting to get out of content 🤯 Is it a good idea to invite other musicians or other people to make interviews or just have fun?

1:41:30: Clayton Turner
Core branding: is it better to start out as a grassroots with little to no branding? Or to have a solid brand before hand?

1:42:55: Rafael Cevallos Velez
Hi Jack hope you are doing fine, thanks a lot for this live!!! Question about landing pages: My website is pretty much constructed as a landing page. Would you recommend me to use my webpage link in my "opt-in" campaigns or do I really need a dedicated landing page even though it'll look very similar?

1:44:30: Loren Berí
If you spend day $20/day on your Fan Finder for a week, how much do you want to spend per day on a second video in a funnel and when do you start that funnel? And how much on each subsequent video in a funnel if you release them once a week?

1:48:35: Justin Wonsly
Hi Jack! Im really enjoying listening today 🙂 You mentioned FB KPIs - and you mentioned CPC being a good one. when I look at my data I see CPC (Cost per Link Click) and I see CPC (all) - which CPC is the one you were talking about, and should I remove one of these columns?PS what about Cost Per Result - is that an important KPI?Thanks again!

1:50:35: Lewis George
Bouncing off Jessica's question. Do you have any examples of hooks for running straight to Spotify Artist Profile? (As opposed to a playlist)