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Grow A Massive Fan Base & Make Music Your 9-5...

Access the World's Largest Community of Successful Self-Marketing Artists, 18 Newly Updated Trainings & Expert Hands-On Guidance for Just $1

Join the community that's helped Indies like you build from 0 fans - cold start - to sold-out tours and Billboard Charts.

Join the community that's helped Indies like you build from 
0 fans - cold start - to sold-out tours and Billboard charts.


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IndiePRO will give you the ability to:

  • Use modern marketing platforms like a pro so that you can grow your fan base on-demand at the lowest cost possible...
  • Make content that turns new listeners to real fans and keeps engagement instead of losing it...
  • Grow an email/text list that lets you communicate with fans immediately, cheaply, and directly...
  • Create, offer and sell merch and music that generates revenue and grows the fan relationship...
  • Use all-out, go-big-or-go-home product launch strategies so that every Album and EP release means more revenue and a larger fan base...
  • Understand the psychology and philosophy behind digital marketing so that you can customize your strategy to your exact needs and style...

...the album I released this year made Bandcamps “Top Hip Hop Albums of 2021” list...same album was #33 on the top 100 albums of the year on an indy blog... debut album from 2004 made top 100 Experimental Hip Hop albums on different blog... made a goal to hit 100k streams on spotify for the year… ended up closer to 150k... I owe a lot of this success to Indepreneur, big thanks to you guys!

Ian Goldberg album Lifeline landed in the Official UK Album Charts at Number 5! Over 5000 copies of the album sold in the pre-order campaign, and officially the UK’s most downloaded album this week. Genuinely can’t believe it, but extremely grateful to the whole team at Indepreneur for the guidance and know-how to even dream of attempting this. My mind is completely blown!

RJ Thompson

I wanna say thanks again to the Indepreneur gang. Just sold a whole bunch of these [vinyls], at the cost of 0$, by sending a simple email to my list. Seriously, there is no better feeling! I started in this community in 2018 - I suppose that makes me an OG in here- I would've never been able to put this system in place without these amazing resources!

Carole Facal

There is a lot of misinformation about the music industry out there. Indepreneur really understands how to grow an independent artist's business. They have great resources, and they don't hold anything back. I love working with them.

Damien Ritter
Music Entrepreneurs
Club, Bigg Jah

Lots of companies promise to help indie artists, but Indepreneur actually delivers. They are the best in the business - which is why I hire them over and over again for major and indie label artists. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Bryan Calhoun
The Blueprint Group,
Music Business Tooolbox

My ability to maximize income from online sales and digital marketing has grown several multiples as a result of taking in their courses and podcast, as well as from working with their agency with clients of mine.

Kyle Kraft
Battle Axe Music

What's Possible In IndiePRO?

The 502s

One of the first students of Indepreneur trainings, Ed Isola, founded his band The 502s in 2017. Using IndiePRO trainings and strategies, they went from 0 to 2,000,000 monthly listeners in under 5 years, charting on Billboard and playing sold-out tours across the nation.

Relevant Trainings:

Spotify Field Guide

Fan Finder Method

How To Profit From A Launch Campaign

Learn Bleeding-Edge Strategies As They're Developed

Digital marketing changes constantly - but IndiePRO members are always kept on the cutting edge with access to monthly live trainings. The Ground Reports live training series allows our expert staff to present the most up-to-date information and strategies so that you always know what's working right now!

From 0 to 32,000 Listeners

In this edition of Ground Reports, Circa will be giving Indies an inside look at The Grounds, detailing his content and ad strategy over the past year. 

Shopify Builds for Artists

Delving in Shopify best practices, apps, hacks and tricks! Learn everything that you need to know about Shopify with agency account manager Ande Hunter

Instagram Reels Ads Walkthrough

IndieX specialists walk through building Ad Campaigns utilizing the Instagram Reels placement along with case study results!

Marketing Strategies That Lead The New Music Industry

As an IndiePRO member, you'll get instant, on-demand access to our entire library of step-by-step Campaign Guides. These instructional guides have been used to trigger a flood of new listeners, build a massive subscriber list of engaged fans, or create die-hard supporters with time-tested sales strategies. 

Fan Finder Method
Normally $135 Standalone

If you don’t have a large fan base or a way to grow your fan base consistently, learn how to set up Fan Finder ads that get you new fans daily…

Spotify Field Guide
Normally $125 Standalone

If you want to grow your Spotify listeners and streams consistently, take this training to learn how the Spotify recommendation engine works and train it in your favor…

How To Profit From A Launch Campaign
Normally $145 Standalone

If you’ve got a fan base and new products or music to launch, use this advanced launch strategy to generate fans, subscribers, customers, and repeat customers in one campaign…

How To Create Your Brand
Normally $135 Standalone

If you’re just starting out and don’t have a brand or if you want to update your brand, use this training to get a killer brand established…

Email Marketing for Musicians
Normally $135 Standalone

If you have a consistently growing fan base, use this training to set up an email list with automation that nurtures and offers to your fans as your list grows…

Promote & Communicate with Video
Normally $135 Standalone

Want to make video a big part of your content and online presence? Learn shooting, editing, and preparing content from our go-to video wizard…

The Buddy System
Normally $65 Standalone

This training covers our overall marketing framework - it will help you understand what stage of development you’re at and what to focus on next…

FREE + S&H Funnel Strategy
Normally $135 Standalone

If you have merch inventory and email subscribers who haven’t become customers yet, this training will allow you to create an avalanche of new customers with a can’t-resist offer…

Selling Tickets for Live Shows
Normally $115 Standalone

If you have shows or a tour coming up and want to pack it with live attendees, use this training to deploy our battle-tested ticket marketing strategies…

How To Generate Sales Year-Round
Normally $135 Standalone

If you’ve already run sales campaigns and have a growing customer/email list, use this training to automate your sales promotions and grow customers and revenue year-round…

Ones and Zeros 101
Normally $65 Standalone

If you have an artist website or online store and are using ads, emails, or text to send people to it, this training will get your tracking set up…

Make Merch That Fans Want
Normally $125 Standalone

If you have a fan base to sell products to and need to make killer merch, learn how to create merch your fans will love and make-it-yourself or hire the perfect vendor…

How To Turn Listeners Into Real Fans
Normally $115 Standalone

If you’ve started building your fan base and getting fans consistently, use this training to learn Education processes that will help you turn new listeners into real, engaged fans…

Fan Page Optimization
Normally $45 Standalone

If your social media pages are all over the place, use this training to get consistent branding and a professional look to your online presence…

Grow Your Permission List
Normally $115 Standalone

If you’re trying to grow your email or text list, use this training to create several can’t-resist sign-up offers and automations that convince fans to sign up…

Messenger Marketing w/ Music
Normally $115 Standalone

If you’d like to engage your fans in Facebook Messenger or Instagram DMs, use this training to learn about the ManyChat chatbot tool and add a new dimension to your fan communication…

How To Run Your Music Business
Exclusive To IndiePRO

Overwhelmed with tasks? Indepreneur is a small team that gets a lot done - learn how we manage dozens of projects every month!

Content Blitz Blueprint
Normally $95 Standalone

If you have a growing fan base but they don’t stick around very long or engage on social, learn how to start a recurring content series that gives them something to show up for every week…

The $1-A-Day Traffic Plan
Normally $65 Standalone

If you are generating fans and followers but want a way to automatically engage and nurture them on social, use this $1-A-Day engagement strategy…

Build The Perfect Artist Website
Exclusive to IndiePRO

If you feel your website doesn’t look or perform great for your fan base or if you haven’t built your artist website yet, use this training to design and optimize the Perfect Artist Website!

...and more every quarter!

Our technicians and experts are working around the clock to produce trainings for cutting-edge strategies - new/updated trainings every quarter!

Your Membership Can Save You (Lots of) Money

As one of the fastest-growing brands in the entertainment industry, we have the opportunity to speak with top-rated vendors, software providers, and technicians that help musicians accomplish more. Instead of taking an affiliate commission for promoting their products, we reach out to the best providers and pass the savings along to you as an exclusive discount.

Save 35% On All CDBaby Products and Services!

In celebration of our 5th anniversary, we have partnered with CDBaby to offer our members 35% savings across CDBaby's entire suite of products and services! As an IndiePRO member, you'll enjoy the steepest discount available...

Mixing, Mastering, and Production

As part of your INDIEPRO membership, you have access to discounted industry-level mixing and mastering from a wide range of engineers. We seek out the very best mixing engineers from our network and negotiate discounts that save you time and money over a traditional studio.

Atomic Disc

Atomic Disc is a boutique CD, Vinyl, and DVD manufacturing company located just south of Portland, Oregon, with over 3,600 5-star reviews from happy customers. Owned and run by musicians since 1993 they’ve been recording, mixing, mastering, and manufacturing for indie artists all over the globe. As an INDIEPRO member, you can save 25% on CDs in Atomic eco-packs™, Jackets or Wallet Lites™.


TuneSpeak helps artists reward their most passionate fans by running viral contests. TuneSpeak campaigns, which feature dedicated support and management of Facebook and Instagram Ads, help artists boost revenues and increase their fan bases. As an INDIEPRO member, you can save 20%!

XLN Audio Plugins

Co-owned by Max Martin, XLN Audio makes the award winning virtual instruments Addictive Drums and Addictive Keys, each with a growing library of expansion products covering every musical need from the smoothest jazz to the hardest metal. XLN Audio's products are the go-to tools for both today's biggest producers and home users just starting out. Save 30% on XLN plugins with your membership!

...and dozens more plus new deals every quarter!

Your IndiePRO 30-Day Journey:

  • Take our Indie Journey survey to identify your starting point and get a customized game plan that maps out exactly what you need to focus on...
  • Join the Welcome Wagon video conference and get personally greeted into the community by our community manager and your fellow Indies...
  • Crack into your customized game plan by starting your first step-by-step video training - build and deploy a marketing campaign that gets you career-changing results - fast...
  • Join the IndiePRO Facebook Group or Discord server and introduce yourself to the rest of the community by stating your short and long-term goals...
  • If you get stuck, search our answer database or ask for help with our HotSeat feature to get a customized video walkthrough answer...
  • Join community events and live stream sessions to get hands on help and guidance from long-time members of the community who have made it where you want to go...
  • Discover a library of supplementary resources to help you amplify your training and hit it out of the park on your first marketing campaigns...
  • Access a suite of exclusive members-only deals sourced from our partners - save $100s on everything from software to merch printing, production, and mixing!