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What is 'The Fan Finder Method'?

The #1 Step-by-Step Method For Gaining Fans
This proven exposure strategy uses Facebook Video Ads to build fan bases for any genre - and it just plain works. The most cost-effective (and flat-out effective) way of getting new fans.

Test Results and Case Studies For What Works (Now)
You wont only get instructions to run a Fan Finder campaign, you'll review dozens of prior successful campaigns to learn what types of videos, messaging, and audiences work best.

A Deep Dive Into Facebook Ads and Analytics
We hate cracking into an online course only to find it's basic information that could have been picked up from a 5-minute reading of a blog post. That's why this training is packed to the brim with in-depth Facebook Ads knowledge - specific to musicians.

Step-by-Step Course With...
Over 4+ hours of video training, bonus modules, and 4 downloadable resources dedicated to upping your Facebook Ads game and building a massive audience.

And, Most Importantly...
The clarity, confidence, and fan-recognition that you need to re-ignite your dream and prove that your music deserves to be heard. This training was built to ensure that great musicians keep making great music!

How can I use Facebook Ads to actually generate real, engaged fans of my music?...

Am I advertising to the right audience? Are my audiences too big? Too small?...

How can I know which type of ad to run to get the most results? What about budget?

These are the questions we have been getting from real Indepreneur Indies...

In fact, we get more questions about generating new fans and Facebook Ads than any other music marketing topic.

Now let me ask you a question (or two)...

  • What if you never had a "dud" release again... ever?
  • What if marketing your new music was as exciting as creating it (because there are real fans waiting for every song)?
  • What if you knew how to use Facebook's data on it's 2 BILLION + monthly users to figure out exactly who your fans are?
  • That would make planning for the future of your music career a lot easier, right? (trust me the answer is YES...)

That's Why We Built The Fan Finder Method

This is the same process that our agency teams and our Testing Grounds artists use to go from 0 to 10,000 fans in record time.

This process can be completed quickly and easily - especially if you've already struggled with promoting your video content.

We walk you through an entire suite of tools step-by-step that we use to research audience targeting "interests" and "behaviors". 

Don't worry, these tools are easy to use and they're all completely free - it costs you nothing to use them.

The Fan Finder Method includes the Facebook Targeting Cheatsheet that walks you through the steps to building your audience targeting with these tools...

...then we will show you EXACTLY how to build Audiences in Facebook Ads and WHY you need to build them with the guidelines we provide. You'll have 10-30 highly optimized Audiences to test in your campaigns...

...BEFORE you spend dollar one on an ad campaign.

Then, we'll walk you through preparing a video ad based on over 3 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars of ad spend experience...

No holds barred - I'll show you every single strategy, trick, and tactic that gives my team a competitive edge over other music marketing agencies with tailor-made video ads and audiences.

You'll know EXACTLY how to run your campaign, EXACTLY how to optimize that campaign to maximize every penny spent...

Plus you'll get to watch over our shoulder as we create a video ad campaign from scratch and then optimize it... for a brand new artist... with mind-blowing results!

What's Inside The Fan Finder Method?

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Learn The Foundation

Find Your Audiences

Optimize Your Content

Build Your Campaign

Learn The Foundation

Find Your Audiences

Optimize Your Content

Build Your Campaign

Learn The Foundation

  • Why most musicians market the exact wrong way and how you can avoid the same mistakes
  • The 8-step framework that allows us to build growing music businesses in less than a year
  • How to avoid seeming spammy, salesy, desperate, or thirsty when marketing your music online

Find Your Audiences

  • The Sweet Spot for Facebook Ads audiences (and why missing it can increase your ad costs by over 200%)
  • How to create up to 40 audiences (28 million+ people) based on just 7 sound-alike or influence artists
  • Our 7-point breakdown of how Facebook Ads and it's Algorithm works PLUS how to configure your Business Manager account
  • The cross-targeting method that can get you engaged, supporting fans for less than a tenth of a cent per viewer
  • The 12 Greenlight Countries you should target (and the dozens you should avoid like the plague because they are full of fake profiles and click-farms!)

Optimize Your Content

  • Discover the 6 make-or-break criteria for videos that work well on social - discover why most music videos fail before they even debut!
  • Learn the headline writing methods that have racked up over 1,000,000 views in less than three weeks (hint: it's also why many music video ads get ignored)
  • Overcome ad blindness and the "why should I care" problem with compelling, virally optimized videos and copy (written word)
  • The 3 "60-second Tweaks" that can be made to any music video to immediately improve results by 50% or more

Build Your Campaign

  • Learn how to quickly build a performance-optimized Video View campaign using the NEW Facebook Ads Manager
  • Stack social proof between audiences so that every audience member sees every reaction, share, and comment your video has ever earned
  • Use our "VV Optimizer" spreadsheet calculator to measure the performance of each audience across over a dozen different ad and audience metrics
  • Optimize your campaign after your 24-hour traffic test to gain up to thousands of new fans per week on a minimal ad spend (less than $100 a week)

This stuff just works... see what our customers have to say!

Do NOT Release Another Single, Album, Or Video Without Learning The Fan Finder Method!

Seriously... don't do it.

Why go through another uneventful release cycle? Why waste another small fortune on a dead-end publicity campaign? Why let yet another single fall on deaf ears?

This strategy is simple to learn and quick to deploy. And price shouldn't be an issue, because you can have access to the Fan Finder Method training for over 50% off - just $37.

Yep, just $37

Literally, you can distribute a song through TuneCore or:

You can finally break out of your local city being the artist who actually has an international fan base and is able to launch singles, build subscribers, and sell music and merch (you know, like a real business!)

You'll save time, money, and the pain of running out of steam in your music career by starting a fire in your music career... then turning it up to 11.

The choice is yours.

If you want to get started, just click the "Add To Cart" button below and finally have a worldwide fan base and momentum on your side... you can eliminate the lingering questions of "Why haven't I been noticed?" and "What if nobody digs my music?" and finally know EXACTLY who and where your fans are (and how to easily and cheaply create hundreds of thousands of them!)...

...then click the "Add To Cart" button right now.

Get INSTANT Access To

The Fan Finder Method

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an Indepreneur "Training"?

A: It's halfway between a tutorial (step-by-step instructions on how to do something) and a course (series of information that teaches you a skill).

Our trainings are built to get stuff done - fast. At the same time, they are meant to leave you with a valuable skill that you can use again and again throughout your career.

Q: Why $37? ____ charges over $200... 

A: If you look at how our competitors price their information, you may be inclined to think that we're either generous or that we're hiding something...

Well, here's a couple reasons for our pricing model that should ease your mind:

1. This company was started by musicians and for musicians - not by black hat marketers trying to make a million dollars. We understand where you are at - and we think it's criminal what some companies are charging to basically gas you up and then help you set up a social media page. We want to change all that.

2. On the other side of the coin, charging anything, even if its less than $100, does weed out those who are less-than-serious. We only want serious musicians who will help us change the way this industry works.

We also believe that, when you see how much actionable info we provide for this price, maybe (juuuuust maybe) you'll join us as an INDIEPRO member with full access to our entire Training Vault.

But that's it...

No fine print... no "hidden trials"... no funny stuff. Just the information you need and the results you want.

Q: How do I know this training will work for [insert genre]?

A: Here's how it works at Indepreneur:

Each year, we spend over 1000 tech-hours and over $100,000 testing different digital marketing strategies on music careers. We do this with:

  • Our Testing Grounds Artists - an assortment of collaborating musicians that helped to start Indepreneur and who give us full reign to try out our crazy ideas
  • Our Agency clients - Indies who hire us to set up their marketing campaigns and for whom we get to try out strategies that have worked for our Testing Grounds artists

When something works (and I mean really works) we document the strategy in a step-by-step "training" so our best campaigns can be repeated and rolled out across all of our artist accounts.

These trainings are not like some online courses you may have taken from other music marketers - they're almost entirely tech trainings.

We're not here to give you some overpriced pep talk - our trainings equip you with the very best of whats working right now. All killer, no filler!

Q: Is there a guarantee?

A: Absolutely - ALL of our trainings have a 60-day, no-questions-asked guarantee that works like this:

You either love it, or you get your money back. Period.

That means, if you aren't happy for any reason, just let us know and we'll give you a full refund on the spot. No forms to fill out, no hoops to jump through, no files to upload.

Get INSTANT Access To The Fan Finder Method Now

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