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EP136: Keeping Your Tech Stack Fresh
Join us for a tech stack state of the union walking through strategy changes and tech stack additions from the ground level that Indies should look for!
EP135: Not Another Podcast About Livestreaming!
Join us as we take a fresh look from a different perspective at the biggest topic that's buzzing around the music business right now - livestreaming!
EP134: The Artist’s Plight with Advertising
Join us as we unpack one of the biggest hurdles creatives struggle with when it comes to advertising and marketing - being authentic!
EP133: Planning A Launch
Join us as we unpack the foundations of the critical thinking and creativity needed to build a successful launch strategy for your music!
EP132: Testing and Pivoting Your Ad Campaigns
Join us for a breakdown of the process artists need for measuring KPIs, reading warning signs, and optimizing Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns!
EP131: How To Audit Your Music Marketing (And Focus Your Strategy)
Join us for a step-by-step walkthrough on how you can audit your marketing efforts and get your strategy on a laser-focused path.
EP130: Educating Your Listeners with Content Boosting
Join us to discuss how recurring content, especially live content, is a powerful vessel for taking casual listeners further into the journey of being a fan.