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Ideate, Create & Launch The Perfect "Bribe" To Consistently & Reliably Gain Email, SMS, & Messenger Subscribers

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Jack McCarthy
IndieX Agency Lead

Coming from humble roots working with independent artists in the Philadelphia music scene, Jack has toured around the country as a guitar-tech-turned-touring guitarist. Jack also has a decade worth of experience bringing results-driven marketing and caffeine-feuled creativity to small businesses. As The Present of IndieX, Jack leads a team of music marketers in monetizing and maximizing fan bases for professional entertainers.

What is “Permission” in Marketing and Why Does It Matter?

The Permission stage of the Buddy System is a critical puzzle piece in your music marketing.

All of the earlier stages of the Buddy System, Introduction, Education, and Nurturing lead up to this stage: offering your fans something valuable in exchange for their contact information so that you can communicate with them in a dedicated channel, whether it’s email, messenger, or text.

So “Permission” refers to asking a fan for their “okay” to contact them, the friendship equivalent of exchanging phone numbers.

Taking fans through this stage of the Buddy System allows you to send them a message on a communication channel that you own. That way, you don’t have to pay to advertise each and every time you want to reach out, whether you want to send out new music, videos, merch releases, or any other content that you could dream up.

We incentivize this process using Permission offers, often called lead magnets or bribes, to get fans excited to sign up. 

About This Training

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