WORKSHOP | How To Grow on Instagram & Spotify

Activation Workshop

How to Grow On Instagram & Spotify

w/ Shae Langford & Jesse GIllenwalters | Indie Founder Coaches & IndieX Account Managers

In This Workshop:

Having trouble growing your fan base on Instagram or Spotify?

You know that Instagram is a great way to get attention on your music these days…

…and you know that Spotify is the place to be for streaming music…

So you create video after video for your songs…

But every time you post them? 200 views.

4 streams.

So you hit that Boost button, trying to force Instagram’s will in your favor…

The numbers are going up…

…just barely…

…but it’s so little that you’re skeptical you’re using your money wisely.

What if you could 2x (or more) your monthly Spotify streams in the next 28 days?

🙏While ALSO getting 100 new Instagram followers every month?

📈 What if you could be sure that your content and fan base would continue to grow every week?

Better yet, after you’ve done this once, you can do it over and over again with any video and song you ever make and explode your growth month after month…

In this activation workshop, How To Grow On Instagram & Spotify, we’ll show you how to optimize Instagram Reels for a single, simple ad campaign that will grow your Spotify and Instagram at the same time!

You’ll learn:

🤯 A double-threat strategy that grows your Instagram along with your Spotify at the same time, with the same budget!

🔎 How to identify content concepts on IG that have viral potential in the organic and advertising spaces

💪 An extremely simple campaign that maximizes IG and Spotify growth potential in 3 simple steps

💸 How to know if your ad dollars are working for you, and  how to avoid spending them if it’s not working.

➰How to repeat this process easily and improve on it with every new single you release

🧠 The most up-to-date and current methods our agency uses to run IG and Spotify growth campaigns before it hits our main trainings

PLUS, you’ll get access to an Instagram Reels Content Cheat Sheet and Spotify Tracking Template to help you use this strategy to its fullest potential!

You can use them together to discover your best possible video content and know for sure that it’s making a difference on Spotify. 

After this workshop, you’ll have the confidence to pinpoint your best Instagram content and use it for consistent Instagram and Spotify growth…

You’ll never wonder “what works” or how to maintain Spotify growth from real listeners ever again…

And, you’ll walk away with a strategy you can use to promote every single and album you ever put out!