WORKSHOP | How To Build Merch Pages That Sell

Activation Workshop

How To Build Merch Pages That Sell

w/ Kyle "Circa" Lemaire, Founder & CEO

In This Workshop:

Do you offer merch and music for sale on your online store? Are you disappointed with the sales that come trickling in every month or so? Well, don’t beat yourself up…

As artists, we’re told to make our products available for purchase online - but we’re never given any advice on how to better sell those products.

As a result, most artists throw up product pages that put their fans to sleep instead of getting them excited about the product 👎

That’s why we’re staging an exorcism for your ghost-town product pages that fans aren’t buying from…

We’re going to show you how to create sales pages that grab the attention of every visitor and give them all the compelling reasons they need to actually purchase your products!

You’ll learn:

🛒 Why your “products” don’t sell half as well as a great “offer”

🤯 How to create compelling offers that fans would feel foolish to turn down

😴 Why your product pages make people fall asleep (and then leave)

⚠️ How to write headlines that inspire curiosity and attention

💡 How to use your existing fans and customers to create new ones

And, by registering for this workshop, you’ll get access to: 

📃 My Sales Plage Planning Cheatsheet that gets all the guesswork done in record time, and…

✅ My Perfect Sales Page Checklist we use to ensure that clients pages are built to sell!

By the end of this workshop, you’ll not only be on your way to creating your first record-breaking sales page…

…you’ll also have the confidence to run sales promotions on a regular basis knowing your assets are made to perform!

By leveraging this new skill, you’ll be able to grow your artist revenue and your list of supporting fan customers faster and more efficiently than ever before!