WORKSHOP | How To Sell More Merch & Music With Email

Activation Workshop

How To Sell More Merch & Music With Email

w/ Kyle "Circa" Lemaire, Founder & CEO

In This Workshop:

Tired of only making money from your fan base after building a big, exhausting release campaign?

Do you want to get sales and revenue from your fan base without spending a fortune and burning out on months and months of preparation and planning?

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You struggle through creating an album or merch line for months… 

…only to then spend just as long figuring out how to market it😩…

It takes longer than you ever expected it to and, by the time you launch, you’re exhausted 😪…

Your release pulls in some sales, some excitement, and some revenue 🤑, but then…

Your sales plummet as the excitement from fans dies down 😭…

Your revenue screeches to a halt as you realize you have to go back and do the exact same thing all over again 😰…

You’re tired, you’re frustrated, and you wish you could get more consistent sales and revenue from your existing fan base🙏 …

Do you have an online store? Do you have an email list? Well then, imagine:

📈  What if you could raise your sales rate by 10-15% overnight?

🛒 What if a percentage of all your new email subscribers bought something from you within their first week after signing up?

💰 What if you could rescue 1 out of every 8 people who browse but never check out and get them to buy your products?

If you want to end the exhausting boom-and-bust release cycle most artists go through, you need systems in place that sell your products for you when you’re not releasing an album or a new merch line…

You need to start filling in those months that go by between releases with new customers, sales, and revenue - you need to smooth out the roller coaster ride!

The simple fact is that most artists have a leaky sales bucket - they’re missing opportunities to make more sales every time a fan takes a meaningful step with them:

😮 Every 10 new email subscribers could result in up to 3 new customers and sales!

😲 3 in every 10 sales from your store could become ANOTHER sale!

🤯 1 in every 5 people who leave before checking out could become ANOTHER sale!

In this activation workshop, How To Sell More Merch & Music With Email, we’ll help you set up automated emails that harvest more sales and revenue from what you’re already doing without having to add more work and stress to your weekly schedule!

You’ll learn:

🛒 The set-and-forget method to bump your online store sales up to 30% immediately

📈 How to steal a popular e-commerce hack to raise sales an additional 10% (or more!)

 📅 The simple 3-step sequence that turns email subscribers to customers within a week

PLUS, above you’ll find our battle-tested bundle of plug-and-play email templates that make implementing these revenue-boosting strategies easy AF…

…just fill in the blanks, copy and paste into your email marketing stack, and watch your sales rate grow over time!

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be a day away from permanently raising your purchase rate and converting more fans into customers!

And, you can ensure that your next release will be multiplied! All the new fans who subscribe to your email list will have a higher chance of becoming customers, and any sales you generate will have a higher chance of resulting in MORE sales in the weeks that follow!