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GROUND REPORTS: Successful Tour Marketing w/ The 502's
Published on July 28th, 2021


It is exciting as all heck to go on tour...but touring is hard work. So when you DO tour it’s important to plan shows and collect data efficiently. Join this week’s Ground Report for insight as to when it makes sense to tour and how to make the most of your next tour... featuring insight from Ed & Joe’s recent 26 day tour with The 502s!


Creative Juice EP182, Successful Tour Marketing in 2021 As Live Music Returns w/ Ed Isola of The 502s:

The music industry is buzzing that the return of live music is hopefully near. Now the question is, how do artists get a competitive edge and successfully market their shows as the world opens up?On this episode of Creative Juice, we chat with our special guest, The 502s frontman and IndieX Agency Account Manager, Ed Isola about his band's recent successes in marketing their summer tour! Learn about the campaign structure The 502s used to run a profitable tour, how to build better copy and creatives for your tour marketing, how to calculate your touring budget, getting better deals with promoters, and more!Whether you're planning a big re-opening show, a run of gigs, or a whole tour as live music returns in the coming months, this episode will give you tons of ideas that you can take action on today!

FULL STACK CREATIVE | What to Know Before Going on Tour (with The 502s):

Touring. Why do it? Should I be doing it? How can I ensure my tour doesn't suck for everyone involved? What do I need to know before going on tour?To answer these questions, we managed to wrangle Ed and Joe of prodigious indie-folk band The 502s and wrenched them for their touring expertise. In this video, the guys share their thoughts on when a band is ready to tour, the importance of preparation, how to get the most out of every show, and MORE if you can believe it.

Cost Benefit Analysis Template:

A spreadsheet Ed created to help you analyze the cost/loss of a show. Open the spread sheet, go to the "File" menu, and select "Make A Copy" to add a copy of the spreadsheet to your google drive!