EP182: Successful Tour Marketing in 2021 As Live Music Returns w/ Ed Isola of The 502s

The music industry is buzzing that the return of live music is hopefully near. Now the question is, how do artists get a competitive edge and successfully market their shows as the world opens up?

On this episode of Creative Juice, we chat with our special guest, The 502s frontman and IndieX Agency Account Manager, Ed Isola about his band's recent successes in marketing their summer tour! Learn about the campaign structure The 502s used to run a profitable tour, how to build better copy and creatives for your tour marketing, how to calculate your touring budget, getting better deals with promoters, and more!

Whether you're planning a big re-opening show, a run of gigs, or a whole tour as live music returns in the coming months, this episode will give you tons of ideas that you can take action on today!


  • Why the ticket deals for your shows allow you to plan your marketing effectively 
  • How to structure your marketing campaigns for live shows and tours
  • What you can do to create fan engagement at shows
  • How The 502s used paid traffic to drive 80% of their live show attendance
  • Why knowing your customers is critical to marketing a tour, especially in 2021
  • What post-show email marketing, advertising, and data collection can do for your future tours
  • PLUS: A walkthrough of the budgeting spreadsheet The 502s used to track ROI on their tour so that you can create one yourself!