EP152: Nurturing Strategies to Build Lifelong Fans

The process of nurturing a fan base is a cause of confusion and inaction for many artists. What is nurturing, in theory, and how is it applied practically to grow and sustain an audience?

In this episode, Jack and Corrin dig deep into nurturing and why it's so important for all kinds of artists when building a fan base. Learn the strategies that we've seen used day in and day out by musicians that are creating fans that stick around and get what you'll need to apply these tactics to your own career.

Catching the attention of a new fan is one thing but keeping it is a whole different beast! So if you're looking to build relationships with lifelong fans, this episode is for you!


  • How nurturing is more than just making fans "feel good"
  • When is the perfect time to nurture your fans
  • What you'll need in your marketing stack to create experiences for your fans
  • Why the process of nurturing puts you ahead of the game as a creative