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The Buddy System
Music Marketing Framework

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Understand the psychology behind the process of turning strangers into raving fans so you can grow an audience that actually cares!

Use just $1-A-Day to saturate your audience with your latest content and ensure that you're getting in front of the people who matter!

Learn how to see your music career as a "business" with this blueprint so you'll have the confidence to know what to do next and when.

Get 100% Reach to your warm audience of existing fans and listeners without scammy algorithm "hacks" and roundabout B.S...

Prevent overwhelm and paralysis by analysis by learning which of our trainings apply to which stages and what you need for where you are with your career. 

You never know whats going to hit - find the show-stopper posts in your daily and weekly content and scale your ads to new fans!

"I decided to jump into INDIEPRO after receiving numerous FB ads. My interest grew stronger with every video. I didn't realize it then, but my interest and eventual purchase of INDIEPRO was proof that Circa's training works.

Through the use of a marketing funnel, aka The Buddy System, I was convinced to spend money on this program. So far, it's been worth every penny. I'm still building content but have applied some of the theories to my current content and have seen amazing results.

I love the FB group and the community that surround this as well. Rarely in the indie music scene do you see people who are so interested in the actual numbers of the business - so many are focused only on vanity metrics." 

- John Muirhead, Indie Musician & Marketer

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