EP140: How Branding Sets Subscriber Expectations

How does your artistry and overall brand shine through in the offers you're creating for your fans? Too often, there's a disconnect between the creativity that musicians pour into creating their music and the marketing that drives their business growth.

In this episode, Corrin and Jack take an introspective look into how personality, branding, and creativity as an artist plays a huge role in the offers you make to build your list! Get your creative juices flowing with examples from artists inside the Indepreneur community, the IndieFOUNDER coaching program, and the IndieX agency!

At the end of the day, building a list of engaged fans relies heavily on the messaging and experience that you provide in your bribes. So if you've ever felt like creating a bribe that is authentic and true to your music is a challenge, this episode is for you!


  • How the earlier stages of The Buddy System should impact your creative offers
  • Which questions artists should ask when it comes to branding and list building
  • Why it's important to connect your musical and marketing creativity for max impact
  • What we've witnessed when artists make their offers truly stand out