DISCLAIMER: Important Changes


1. In 2019, Facebook announced that they would be removing the ability to set budgets at the Ad Set level of a Facebook Ad Campaign. Instead, the budget would be set at the Campaign level. Since this announcement, Facebook has changed their position and will not be removing Ad Set budgeting. Please be advised that this change does not affect the strategy of any Indepreneur training or campaign. However, some lessons may mention an upcoming change to mandatory Campaign level budgeting (which is no longer happening). 

2. The user interface of Facebook Business Manager changes very frequently. Features and screens displayed in these lessons may not match what you see when you use Facebook Ads or other Business Manager tools. Though we cannot update these lessons as quickly as Business Manager changes, we will update any time a feature is removed from Business Manager or is otherwise no longer available. 

If a tool or feature mentioned in a training is moved but not removed, you can find it by searching for it. Facebook Business Manager displays a search function that will allow you to search for a feature (or a help document about that feature) if you cant find it.