EP132: Testing and Pivoting Your Ad Campaigns

The practice of monitoring and optimizing ad campaigns is critical for any musician that wants to actually succeed with advertising. Do you know what to look for? What do you do if your ads aren't delivering results?

In this episode, Jack and Corrin break down the process of measuring KPIs, reading warning signs, and optimizing Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. You'll learn what to look for when testing various types of campaigns for specific goals and how to make strategic pivots based on your results.

With paid advertising being an enormous tool for growing a fan base, it's important to know the ins-and-outs of troubleshooting your campaigns. If you've ever struggled wondering why your ads just aren't working, this episode is for you!


  • Who to target and how to build audiences that align with your goals
  • Which metrics to pay attention to in the Ads Manager
  • What pivots to consider based on the results of your campaign
  • How to strategize campaigns based on stages of The Buddy System